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  1. Johnny Carter

    ngt dual line pod

    still available .. sorry all been busy fishing
  2. Johnny Carter

    ngt dual line pod

    hello i have a nice shape ngt dual line rod pod includes carrying case . have switched out the rusty prone screws with stainless screws .. asking $40.00 plus shipping for quickest response text me at 317 415-4915 thanks
  3. Johnny Carter

    looking for a cygnet grand sniper deluxe or extreme

    will check it out .. thanks
  4. hello looking for a cygnet grand sniper deluxe or extreme ... i am located in the u.s. midwest area actually Indiana if anyone has one for sale lmk how much and how much for shipping .. thanks
  5. Johnny Carter

    Carp of the Month - August

    those fish look awesome and in pristine condition
  6. Johnny Carter

    Are Boilies Overrated

    i use boillies a lot but i notice it requires you to chum some boillies to get them to be more effective however i have caught fish on them just throwing one out and forgetting about it
  7. Johnny Carter

    Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

    ive used ketchup and rice pack baits many times with great success ... i think the rice mimics maggots