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  1. It was great meeting a few carp fishermen. I tried my luck on Sunday with no success but did see 2 others that managed to get one each.
  2. wantabigone


    Thanks grasshopper. Would the carp have moved up river now that the waters have cooled down from the summer heat? (from your experience)
  3. wantabigone


    Is it worth trying forcarp in rivers at this time of year? (Holland marsh, Humber river)
  4. Do you have success at this time of year as well? (late August) just curious if the fish tend to shut down in the warmer water months.
  5. Mikepike- Your profile pic-that is one of the nicest looking carp I have seen. Nice fish!
  6. I hope you get the chance to fish with her.
  7. that is awesome! I hope they use the rods!
  8. I have just signed in hoping to learn from some experienced shore fishermen. I went with my 14 year old son to Fanshaw today in the hopes of catching a few carp. We have had success in the past but only managed a large sucker (my son) and 2 small cats. It seems we have had little success there in the past 3 goes-used to do very well there. My son loves the power of the fish (as do I). Time for me to try some other shoreline spots. One thing I hate at Fanshaw is the amount of fishermen so closely packed together. Sortof started to remind me of my river salmon days of my youth. (well.... not that bad I guess!) I used a millet/flour strawberry jello mix as pack bait and corn on hair rig. Tight lines all. Looking forward to reading some of these old posts.
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