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  1. Viper storm 2 with echo and 6 batteries with charger Make me a sensible offer. I paid $800 about three years ago for this boat, and since purchased four extra batteries as I was using it (with success) on some long sessions. Only got used about a dozen times, as the place I needed it for was 900 miles away so only visited a few times a year. Definitely a great bit of kit, that helped me bag an upper 40 pb when i could not cast 200 yards I still have the original box and foam for safe shipping Let me know if have questions, not all my pics are loading so ill try to get more on later or tomorrow Craig
  2. Apologies for the new profile, could not get into my old one as not been on here for a while. Due to relocation I am looking to shift a lot of bait I still have left so I don't have to move it. Some has 2014-2016 expiration date, but the bait is fine. I have opened a few tins, and even used some myself the past year. Bait an pics attached. Boilies are $8 a kilo, pop ups, particles, and liquids $5 a pot/tin, pellets are $5 a bag. I am happy to negotiate on shipping depending on amount purchased. Or welcome to come to my place in central PA if near enough to collect. PM me any questions you may have, or if want more picsas not all pics uploaded Cheers Craig All unused and unopened Nash Nash coconut crème 2.5 kg x2 bags Nash Tangerine dream 2.5kg x2 bags Nash Tandori Spice 2.5kg x 3 bags Dynamite 24x 1kg bags of spicy peanut 20mm 4x 1kg bags of spicy peanut 26mm 4x 1kg bags of spicy peanut 15mm 3x boosted hookbait dip spicy peanut 4x 15 mm pop ups spicy peanut 5 x liquid attractant spicy peanut Dynamite Coconut cream, prob the best bait I ever used 4x 1kg 26mm coconut crème 1 x 1kg 20mm bag coconut crème 10 x 1kg bags 15mm coconut creme 4 x hookbait dip coconut crème 3 x liquid attractant coconut crème Tigers and hemp, expiration date says 2014, but opened one of each tin and content looks and smells same an normal (see pic) 2x tins of tiger nuts 9x tigers in chilli 4x hemp 10x chilli hemp 10x garlic hemp Dynamite pop ups Robin red 1x 15mm Robin red 1x 10mm Robin red fluro 1x 15mm Robin red /tutti 50/50 wafters 20mm x 1 Strawberry and scopex fluro 15mm x4 Strawberry and scopex fluro 10mm x1 Frank warwick high attract pineapple 15mm x1 Squid and octopus fluro 15mm x 2 Mulberry Florentine fluro 15mm x1 Tutti frutti fluro 15mm x1 Pineapple and banana 15mm fluro x2 Two tone fluro strawberry and coconut crème 15mm x 1 Two tone fluro pineapple plum 15mm x 2 Two tone 20mm squid scopex x1 Two tone tutti pineapple 15mm x1 Two tone tutti pineapple 20mmx 1 Carptech plum 15mm pop ups x 1 Liquids and dips Marine halibut liquid attractant x4 Robin red liquid x 1 Robin red bait dip x 1 Carptech bait dip plum x 1 Carptech bait dip tutti x 2 Carptech liquid plum x 2 Carptech liquid tutti x 3 Betain liquid x 1 XL liquids Liquid tutti x 5 Liquid halibut x 1 Liquid pineapple x 5 Liquid strawberry x 2 Liquid scopex x 7 Pellets Robin red drilled 20mm x 8 Robin red drilled 15mm x 4 6mm krill pellets x 4 8mm krill pellets x 5
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