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  1. Lol Chatfield is 1500 acres ( the same size coincidentally as the family farm back homeπŸšœπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ) and home to all manner of watersports ( except those lol) with sandy beaches. It's like sea side surf fishing! I'm going to get a proper set of beachcaster rods 😎
  2. It's method feeders, hooks and tubing I've been losing. Bloody things ain't cheap you're right!. Thankfully this time I didn't lose any rigs, just my unhooking mat which I stupidly left by the shore and was swept out to sea presumably by the waves caused by passing speedboats. Doh!πŸ™„ They gotta get me somehow eh? πŸ˜‚
  3. Nothing wrong with pre tied. I have to buy pre tied chods as my aging fingers just get annoyed using bristle filament. However tying your own is cheaper and more satisfying, also if they don't work as well you've only got yourself to blame! ,πŸ˜‚ I've used most manufacturers over the years with varying hooks and hooklink materials and those are the basic rigs that have done the job. A lot of the fancy rigs are usually little more than a variant on an old theme and catch more anglers than fish. I don't think I use any more than 5 different rigs. If I can make a suggestion try watching Terry Hearn "Tunnel vision" on YouTube along with his other videos. Top UK angler and great story teller. A guy who really knows his rigs.
  4. Dropped into Chatfield this morning and after blanking like a pro last week decided to give Eagle Cove another shot. This area may have cost me a small fortune in rig materials getting busted off in weeds and gravel ridges I figured at least I got runs and it's almost payday anyway. That said I went a bit hit and hold by staying close to the rods and having the drag set pretty tight. First carp was a good upper single to my left rod. Then the right screamed off, which was the danger area, so I walked back up the beach trying to keep what felt a nice fish clear of the snags. After a little bit of scary bumbps and friction on the line I stated gaining back line and into the clear water. Nice little 16lb. 😁
  5. Mock ye all ye like, it's draught free and still fits where it touches πŸ˜‚ Besides as I get advanced in years I'm hurtling back towards dribbling quietly and eating mushy food soooooo...πŸ€”
  6. I have always found using more than one Ziggy can lead to disaster if a fish kites to the side ...and you can bet they will! πŸ™„ However they've caught me a few when all around me have failed. These things have I found; Use a reasonably large running rig set up with 2oz leads at least. Clear Pike type inline floats are great, bright colored ones for better visual. 6ft leader and small hooks ( 8 or 10) Pva foam nuggets are very helpful on the hook Start off just beneath the surface, then increments of a few inches down over time. Attach a small pva bag of floating pellets to the hook as well for extra attention. Also a fox paste bomb with a method mix attached, with floating particles in the mix, can be deadly. Don't use popups. Plastics/ foam are far better Finally you have to enjoy sorting out tanglesπŸ˜‚
  7. Standard semi stiff pop up rig with Korda Dark Matter 25lb BS coated braid, with the last part near the hook stripped back to expose the braid, Korda Kurv size 8 for a 15mm boilie. Usually the pop up is held down by putty or a bb shot placed just on the coated braid next to the stripped section. I've been using this a lot with packbait on a short 4" link. I've always found that worked well with the method back home. It's also the rig I caught my 32lb on on using a size 10 and critically balanced plastic/ real corn. It's quite a versatile rig that also works with bottom baits as well, even without a line aligner set up although I like to keep the tubing so the hair comes off the back of the hook curve. 😁
  8. Since I have my rig book handy here's my go to rigs for 99% of the time. This is my standard line aligner rig for bottom baits. Link is Korda IQ flouro 15lbs BS with Korda Wide Gape size 6 for an 18mm boilie.
  9. Nice looking spot 😁
  10. And, amazingly, here's the fleece onesie I was wearing. Great bit of kit, kept me toasty for years 😁
  11. Just flicked through some articles here and came to one about Euro carping. Thought the rod pod looked familiar, then up popped this pic of me on the bank at least 15 years ago! Sat at Shearwater in the UK in my old Fox Evo probably about March/ April if my six layers of clothes are an indicator of conditions. Thanks Louis for recycling some of my stuff, I really don't mind as long as it's out there. 😁 Now as for royalties....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. I've caught many with a boilie topped with plastic corn, and still use that today. Back home I would often fish over a bed of corn, hemp and broken boilies. Put it this way I can get a 50lb sack of corn for$12 which ( please make sure you cook) is a lot cheaper than 50lbs of boilies😎
  13. I've caught as many on corn, including my UK pb, as I have on boilies. Having fished in your state I know you can chum, which we can't in Colorado, do I'd go with corn on purely financial grounds. Try introducing boilies though, or use on one rod and corn on another.
  14. I've been using Korda carp line in 15lb bs which claims to be super tough ( don't they all?), Might try going up to 20 as it's not expensive. Have you used leadcore? I had a gravel pit back home with similar issues over cut offs and that reduced the problem a bit, although it was much smaller and shallow. I'll Google those charts, although I was planning a recce tommorow anyway just to get out the house πŸ˜‚ and I like using a marker to get the feel of the place before heading back on Monday. Thanks again for your help 😎
  15. Thanks John. I had a good short session up at the Masey Draw area today, 5 fish out including 2 upper doubles and 3 smaller kids. Went dead about lunchtime. I must admit I normally recce things a bit better and didn't use a marker float, lazy arse that I am. That shelf thing certainly accounts for the unusually high number of cut offs I've had this week....it's been an expensive week for rig bits! I will try some of those spots you suggested and do some proper recce work this time. Thanks for the videos by the way, very helpful. That big one today fell to.....scopex squid! The rest I've been getting on CCM live system. Used to use Odyssey all the time back home as they were just down the road a bit from me. Anyway yeah love to do a session some time. Now if you'll excuse me I have a ton of rig bit orders to make lol πŸ˜‚ Tight lines old chap😎
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