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  1. 16 taken late morning. Crappy photo because just as I was getting ready the other rod went flying off! By the time I got to it, after returning the other, it was somewhere around Colorado Springs and my reel was down to the backing lol,
  2. Been back a few times recently, just usually short 4-6 hour sessions. Managed to only blank once, which was nice. They have still been sporadically spawning there although they seem now to be done with that rigmarole and Ive seen less racing about the margins. Yesterday had 7 fish out yesterday morning, mostly low to mid doubles up to 16lb and hard scrapping as ever. Best fish came 50 yards out straight off the point, smaller fish closer in. Finally managed to get one on a boilie ( whoo hoo) but the rest came to packbait/corn combo. Next time I'm taking a rake as the marginal weed is getting to be a nuisance.
  3. Thanks, I was beginning to think it was just me! My packbait seems to be a goer, I had a run just as I was setting the indicator on one cast. They switched off a bit mid afternoon but I had to leave then anyway. Looking forward to a summer vacation of carping 😎
  4. I fished 2 rods apart on either side of a point swim. All the action came from the left rod with only one dropped run on the right which had the boilies. Changing it to packbait made no difference so I think it was more a location issue. 😎
  5. They've only just woken up as far as I know. We've had a crazy spring last month with low temps, snow and rain, so the water has only just warmed up this past week or so. We're getting the post hibernation munchies spell.
  6. My phone propped up by a rock. It's very technical 😂
  7. In case you were wondering, my sparkling new set up is 2 Fox x3 rods in 12ft 3lb tc and Daiwa Regal 5000s. I am really impressed with the rods, which perform just as well as my old Greys XFlites at a considerably lower price. Highly recommend them. The green slimy stuff isn't my fault.
  8. Hail fellows etc. After a couple of short and fruitless sessions on Mann Nyholt it would appear the carp are waking up after all that dumb weather. Had 8 today, all lovely pristine hard fighting low to mid doubles, including the 17lb below. All came from the point swim about 20 yards out . They were clearly visible swimming about the margins and seemed enamoured of my first packbait attempt using corn and tiger nuts. Boilies were studiously ignored. A lovely half day on a lovely little lake. 😁
  9. Thanks, will try that. Wacker has it cheaper but the postage makes it the same price lol 😂 😂
  10. Not in Colorado it isnt.....rain and snow. Stoopid weather....
  11. Nice torpedoes. Had a 100+ fish session once of loads of single/doubles commons...ended up reeling in and having a nap - little sods wore me out. 😆
  12. And finally a weekend session on the prestigious River Test at Romsey, Hants. Salmon caught on dog food meant for Chub 😆 Also my favorite fish, the Lady of The River the Grayling.
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