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  1. carp fishing problem

    That makes sense! They look like they are drugged...listless and near the surface. I was thinking about the camera noise...sounds a bit like bird...say a hawk! It is a spring fed lake with few areas that taper down and most edges going down quickly. The spots that they are in is away from the main lake and the temperature differential is significant. I could see them eat in the colder main lake and then digest and warm up in these longer sheltered and warmer bays. Most of the lake bottom is about 20 ft deep...the contour is like a deep tub. They are not starving for food. Some look like fat pigs and if a fish could waddle it would be some of these carp. The other funny thing is that you don't see any small carp in these bays. It's like an exclusive club where you have to be well over a foot to get in. This longer 100 ft "shallow and tempered bay tempered bay would have about 30-40 carp of 2 ft or over in it...all listless...none feeding.... and all near the surface or shallow(at least that I can see). This pattern ends once the water heats up in the later part of June. And since I have to drive some distance I don't think I have ever been there before 2pm...mostly in the afternoon or early evening. So...target the lake at the end of the bay? They use the warmer part of the day to get warm...so they would feed till noon?...and how long would they feed for? And what would they be eating at about 20 ft deep on the bottom of this lake that keep all these carp hefty?
  2. carp fishing problem

    Dang..the pressure. I suppose I should just catch one because they are there! I recently was looking over a map and there might be one way in...a small picnic table area along a side road. I'll check that spot to see if there is a small path in. No flash...no red eye...they dart on the noise. Like noise #4 on this clip. I think we are through spawning...It started last weekend. Iit is a little mini heat wave up here. Wait for the heatwave to break?
  3. carp fishing problem

    I'm not looking for a solution because I don't think there is one. I just found it interesting that they could hear the electronic click of the camera and were fearful and scattered. There is no solution mainly because there is no place to set up due to topography/land access. I can only get there twice a week due to distance/time...and it would have to be something that works relatively quickly. I can't sit in this small plastic kayak with crappy seat back for hours upon hours without moving. These carp so no interest in food that I can tell...and they are big and fat.
  4. carp fishing problem

    I have pretty well given up on the carp. I can't sit for hours in a small boat for a hit from carp who are not interested. Especially when there are beautiful browns...but my rod malfunctioned and I didn't want to go home right away so I checked on my carp. These carp were still curious and would waddle up to the boat....follow it if I went slow enough...but darted if I turned too quickly to see if they were following. But get this...the electronic click noise on my camera would send them off every time. Right after I took this pic they all scattered. It was remarkable how sensitive they were to that higher click sound but not so much the lower sound my camera makes when it turns on. Never knew they could pick up on sound that easily. As usual they all seemed to be listless near the surface. Where this pic was it must of been in the mid 60's...as headed up the channel it warmed up. No where did I see active feeding. Like they were all napping...but hey that kayak looks interesting lets go take a look.
  5. carp fishing problem

    A new season. Water temp near the surface was 45 degrees in the later afternoon. Ice is off. I assume carp will be sitting deep until turnover. Trout doesn't open up for weeks so I'll have some weekends free to fish carp. Shore access is limited and would rather fish shore that from the yak. I'd like to fish with my brother in law. The one bay that I saw carp in last summer is empty of carp. By next weekend I imagine the water temp will be at that coveted 50 degrees or higher. Should I try that bay or a more central part of the lake?...and use corn?
  6. carp fishing problem

    A few pics from the last few weeks. I didn't have the valve properly shut today and was listing before I noticed. Had to go back and blow her up. No fish today no nibbles. Might be my last time this year.
  7. carp fishing problem

    Well I agree with you on the luck part. Having said that I know where they are in the spring and I can access one spot by foot so I look forward to that and hope you can give me advice then. Speaking of wacky last week I went out and did find trout. They were along the shores on drop offs. Not one sign of carp. I am figuring that soon they will take their winter positions and stay deep. I'm guessing that these positions will probably be off the arm by the main lake. I did try some very slow trolling of gold and yellow lures. In the early spring sometimes carp will hit lures in shallow. The water was still "warm" last week. Couldn't get out this weekend but I don't think I will still fish with bait anymore. I need the movement to stay warm. I may try a slow troll again hoping that they are a little hungrier next weekend. Ideas for the slow troll would be welcome. Perhaps some form of live bait. I used gold ac shinners and a yozuri gold and red crystal minnow and had them on the bottom.
  8. carp fishing problem

    Here is my latest post in futility. Surface temps this week were close to 70 degrees. Little breeze so I could see bubbles picked two locations close to arms. Less breaching...a few approaching dusk. Somehow the surface is warmer this week. It was a warmer week but last two days were cool. Bolt rig..fresh shrimp. Trout was a big goose egg also. Only fish was perch and 4 pound sm bass at 20 ft. Still think bolt is the way to go. This lake kills me. The only other time I have fished carp on most days you could count on a hit in 15-20 minutes.
  9. carp grouping

    That is the thing...I have one day a week at best...perhaps 4 more tries. So as I understand it they will still be traveling together. Perhaps using less of the lake now but still relatively deep. Carp put on the feed bags now...I'm guessing less food sources....so competition should be there. At what temp do the carp become lethargic and not curious about new food.
  10. carp grouping

    In my spot they have total safety and all the oxygen they need. Sex is in the spring. That leaves food and temp. These fish are fat so there is food. The only requirement not to their liking is temp. Not till late June does the water reach the preferred temp. By the middle of Sept even surface temp is below 68 degrees. I'm looking for the pattern...and while I understand the late winter to early fall pattern I can't make any sort of prediction about them now. I would expect them to sun themselves near the surface in afternoon. Nada. All I have seen is a few breaching fish and this has decreased as the temp has dropped. By the way is breaching like a carp's happy dance?
  11. carp grouping

    What I saw was in the spring the BIG carp were STACKED together in warm shallow water. As water warmed somewhat they spread out into smaller groups at choice locations. When the whole lake was in their temperature liking they spread out even further. Now in the fall with cooling I can't see them. They are deep....10 ft or more. They are not going to the one logical spot where I think water would be warmer....incoming water. I have no idea where they are or if they are in groups.
  12. carp grouping

    I am hoping someone one can give me insight on carp grouping and how that changes over the three seasons.
  13. carp fishing problem

    Tried bread balls again. Nada. Trout were even hard to catch. Water surface temp at about 67 degrees...still warm enough. But the water is slowly cooling. Perhaps I am fishing the trout too deep. The carp? I am totally perplexed. I see few bubbles but in shallow the bubbles are just coming up from the lake on there own..springs? As water cools one would expect them to be higher up in the water column but I haven't seen one. I know there are big carp in this lake. Thinking of going back to the bolt rig. I can toss that a fair distance ( stealth) and it is idiot proof fishing. Wavering between using fresh trout or uncooked fresh shrimp. The oils have to give off a scent trail and carp should be able to hone in on that.
  14. Maxima UG line

    So spending lots of money on UG line may be doing very little for stealth. Green is visible at a significant depth below the water. If we are comparing trout and carp...trout have bigger eyes in proportion to body mass. The eyes are closer together on the head. Carp has whiskers. Trout are dependent on sight to feed and carp are not. Finally one thing I have noticed is that trout are hitting when the light dims. My gut feeling is telling me that they don't inspect the lure as closely with dim light.
  15. Maxima UG line

    Looking at the line it looks like it would be hard for fish to see. When I first saw it I thought great trout line. But carp can't see so well. So why this line? I heard fluro is invisible, strong, and has a smaller diameter. So why spend more money for this mono line?