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  1. Everything!

    Fixed it. Thanks Willem
  2. Everything!

    Reached a limit? I haven't received any at all? Says "0 unread notifications" in top right corner.
  3. Everything!

    I misread Patrick's, got it confused with another email/reply or something. Patrick, I'm going to need your zip code. And a short amount of time to sort out the packaging for everything. I can get plenty of boxes from work, just need to get dimensions/weights for an accurate shipping estimate.
  4. In Addition To The Other Post

    (2) Fox Ultron X2 (2) Flajzar (1) BFS All in good working order. Flajzars and BFS have been spares for friends/family. $125 takes all five.
  5. Everything!

    First with the money gets the items. I hate to be that way, but I'd like to not be running to FedEx more than I necessary. Not sure why pm's are not working. Post your zips, and I'll get you a shipping estimate. So far I have Louis or jcarcient for the spod rod, jcarcient for the chair and Patrick Kelly for the carryall,boxes & bits.
  6. Everything!

  7. Everything!

    I'm not sure why the list of bits came out the way it did, but each line has two items listed. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. Everything!

    Almost forgot... Paypal, money order or check(ships when cleared). I'm in Grove City, Ohio(southwest Columbus). If you would like all of it, it may cost less to meet somewhere than pay shipping. PM me or email: may.191@buckeyemail.osu.edu Thanks, Ryan
  9. Everything!

    Family, school, house = ZERO time to fish. Moving to Florida after we're done with school, won't be doing any carpin' down there. Fox Ultra XL camo bedchair: 175 Nash Outlaw chair: 25 Prologic bedchair cover: 40 Long spoon handle, short handle and Gardner spoon: 25 Fox Warrior Spod rod 5.5lb: 60 Shimano Nexave 3lb: 80 (3) X2/Slimline legend 2.5/2.75lb rods: 120 Solar Sod pod w/ front & rear tri's, three delkim spacers, long legs, extension, 3-rod pozi-lock bars(x-wide front) and case: 325 Luggage: Nash lead bag, Nash rig/bits(not sure exact name, has rig boards and vinyl pockets, elastic loops for tools), Gardner rig board, Free Spirit lead bag, Free spirit spod/marker, Free Spirit bait bag, Trakker buzzer bag, Prologic MAX-4 ruck: ALL 175 Reels: (3) TFG Vanquish w/ spare spools & handles, (2) Daiwa Opus: 200 Carryall, boxes & bits all go together. ALL ARE HOOK LINK, TUBING, FLOURO ARE NEARLY FULL OR FULL UNLESS NOTED Chub carryall, complete smart box, (2) boxes, similar in size to large fox box, 1 two compartment Fox box, 1 6 compartment fox box. HAS THE FOLLOWING INSIDE: Fox TB1 spod Kryston: one each - loaded, snakebite, ton-up, melt-ex Korda Mini spod Carp-r-Us clearwater 15lb. Gardner pocket rocket ESP stiff rig 15lb. (NEW) small off brand spod Fox Rigidity 25lb. ESP marker Korda IQ xtra soft 12lb. Fox markers(3) Fox camo tube 1.7mm(little more than 1/2 spool) (7) Backleads(some Korda) Korda safe zone(2) weed, (2) silt (NEW) Drennan feeders(11x35g, 2x50g, 6x15g), several other feeders ESP small bait stops (NEW) (12) Distance leads Drennan mini rings(2) new (1) opened Korda ring swivels size 11(2) new Korda link loops Fox rings Fox shrink tubing (1) clear 1.2mm-.4mm (1) camo 2.4mm-.8mm Bait bands small, mini, micro all new Drennan float stops (3) new Carp-r-Us gizmo quick clip/swivel (2) new Fox MK2 swinger w/ 3 tabs Leadcore leaders (13) Korda weed & silt clips, rubbers, atleast a dozen of each color Korda sleeves silt & weed a dozen or more of each bait springs(like you mold paste, bread on to) Korda maggot clips Nash clips big eye swivels Many rubber beads, different sizes, swivel beads HOOKS: Gardner Muggas(size 6,8,10) 3-5 packs of each Gardner Talon Tips(6, 8, 10) 3-5 packs of each Fox LS size 6 Korda Kurv size 6 2 packs Nash Fang X size 4 Carp-r-Us long shank nailer size 6 3 packs Several other style fox, korda and misc hooks. TOOLS: Korda strippa Korda Krusha(small) John Roberts knot puller Matrix drill Solar needle with spares Fox tension tool Boilie grabber 4 misc other needles Fox stringer needle and another stringer needle Korda needle Artificials: Peanuts(2) packs, Mag aligner(2) packs, sinking maize, pop-up maize, flouro maize, pop-up sweetcorn, tigers. Many of each. Various leads, nothing special I never restocked. $400 for all, including carryall, boxes, tools....all the above. You pay shipping. $1625 seperate $1500 buys all of it.
  10. Fox Eclipse Pod

    Comparing CAG to the NRA is like comparing Outback to Morton's.
  11. Wtb Tripost Adapter

    If anyone has one they don't need or knows where I can find one. Thanks
  12. Bit Of Gear For Sale:

    Keeping the hangers....need something to use. Might sell later. The LC's were sold a while back. You can get those three TFG reels for the price of one LC hint hint
  13. Bit Of Gear For Sale:

    Warrior rods:
  14. Bit Of Gear For Sale:

    Warrior Elites, Nash pod and Fox MK2 are all pending. Thanks, Ryan
  15. Bit Of Gear For Sale:

    Free Spirit bait bag Nash pod TFG reels with extra handles and spare spools TFG reels Prologic rucksack Fox MK2 swingers. Two have the glow sticks. $70 for four. The Flajzar alarms are at the bottom. Fox Ultron X3 alarms(not the one in the middle) 4500's and shelter has been sold. i will get better pics of the rods. i have Fox line clips for each of the warrior elites. as well as the JRC tiptops that come with each rod(slimline and fox).