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  1. Anyone Out There?

    Anyone fishing WA?
  2. It's Quiet In Here.

    Any carping going on in Oregon/ southern Washington? Just started back up carping after a long break due to family commitments. Can't wait to get back out there exploring.
  3. ZachATree's Picture blog.

    Love the koi and mirrors.
  4. carp fishing hustler mix

    Cool vid
  5. Quest for Blackeye

    Thanks, some really good info. I especially like the bit where he deliberately overcasts to the opposite bank, attaches his hooklink and bait, and places the rig into the margins using a spare rod and PVA string.
  6. New Pod, New Lake, NEW PB!!!

    Lovely looking fish Congrats on the PB!
  7. A cool picture

    Nice pics.
  8. Mirror, mirror

    Lovely looking mirror John!! Especially since they seem to be so rare in this neck of the woods.
  9. Hello from Fugas

    That's hilarious!
  10. Congrats Simon! Awesome and very well done..!!
  11. You Idaho Carpers...

    Seriously thinking about fishing it this summer.. Only a 12 hour drive from my house.