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  1. If its that shallow maybe try floating a boat up from the bottom ? ATB Carpsava
  2. Welcome mate, hope life is treating you well .... & the carp!! ATB Carpsava
  3. Have never needed to use circle hooks but cant see why they would not work, especially on low pressured fish........ fish that have been caught a few times might be a different story though! ATB Carpsava
  4. Not sure if its available here but I often use green plastic plant netting. I bought some 15 years ago & still have some. Of course Ive got other options also, there must be scores of items that have been used. With spooky carp Ill often use something the same color as the bait or pull it into the bait. ATB Carpsava
  5. Ive used bait that was less than fresh several times. They will probably eat it, unlikely to make the fish ill. However my best catches have always come with fresh bait, carp will eat the best they can find IF they have a choice! ATB Carpsava
  6. Good list above ^ We should have a voice & joining the CAG is one way to support this aim. Id recommend if you can afford it ...join up. I'll be doing so soon. Money well spent IMO. ATB Carpsava
  7. Never eaten one myself... but they are indeed one of the most eaten fish on a world basis. As mentioned above probably best to limit your size to below 10 lbs since the toxin build up will be enhanced on longer lived fish since it accumulates gradually. (older the fish ...higher toxin build up). Good luck & happy fishin! ATB Carpsava
  8. Nice fish & in looks to be great shape too!
  9. Carp fishing at it's BEST! Well done buddy.....go to the top pf the class, I think for sure you got the youngster hooked. Hope you make it to Marks OCT fish-in !
  10. Carpsava

    Corn Puffs

    Lorne is the Canadian expert on Puff fishing, I can tell you this, if you do it right you will catch some amazing fish! I dont believe the make (brand) of puffs means too much, it is the physics of the method which fools the fish. ATB Carpsava
  11. Varies every year, I have seen it as low as $6 high as $10, depends on the yeild I believe. Regardless $10 is cheap for bait.
  12. I've just replaced my Delkims with new ones. They are the most reliable on the market & they will be around when all the others have gone. I'd say get some you wont be sorry!
  13. Very Nice Mark, they all look to be in top condition too! How do you keep your fingers from frostbite?
  14. I bet they are Carp! remember guys carp figure more in our ancient history books woldwide than most other freshwater fish. Very cool lamps!
  15. Only your carp will tell you if they are put off by it.............. but you can always use a snag/shock leader of any other line for the last 5-10 yards to blend with the bottom.
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