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  1. Carpsava

    That's the breaks, man

    Carp fishing at it's BEST! Well done buddy.....go to the top pf the class, I think for sure you got the youngster hooked. Hope you make it to Marks OCT fish-in !
  2. Carpsava

    Corn Puffs

    Lorne is the Canadian expert on Puff fishing, I can tell you this, if you do it right you will catch some amazing fish! I dont believe the make (brand) of puffs means too much, it is the physics of the method which fools the fish. ATB Carpsava
  3. Carpsava

    fyi - great price for corn

    Varies every year, I have seen it as low as $6 high as $10, depends on the yeild I believe. Regardless $10 is cheap for bait.
  4. Carpsava

    Looking for some alarms

    I've just replaced my Delkims with new ones. They are the most reliable on the market & they will be around when all the others have gone. I'd say get some you wont be sorry!
  5. Carpsava

    Third Times The Charm

    Very Nice Mark, they all look to be in top condition too! How do you keep your fingers from frostbite?
  6. Carpsava

    Fish Lamps that look like carp

    I bet they are Carp! remember guys carp figure more in our ancient history books woldwide than most other freshwater fish. Very cool lamps!
  7. Carpsava

    Yellow line or not?

    Only your carp will tell you if they are put off by it.............. but you can always use a snag/shock leader of any other line for the last 5-10 yards to blend with the bottom.
  8. Carpsava

    Sad But True

    It really brings it home , that we need to take care of our environment. Without it we are ultimately doomed! Whats worse is that while we are able to live in our own garbage strewn environment......many animals cannot. For them it is most tragic, that they are involved in a problem that they can do nothing about , while those that can are not big or strong enough to make a lasting difference.
  9. Carpsava

    long sault question

    Hi Jeff, Mc Laren Island has both fishing & beachy area. Long Sault is a great area for carp fishing, also recommend Mark Jarvis; he is a very friendly guy & will help you out if needed. Hope you enjoy your stay, Steve.
  10. Carpsava

    Toronto Recreational Fisheries Plan

    Re catch & release, goes to show that the proper techniques are not being relayed to the public at large. Some fish are much more able to withstand C & R........ Carp are the ideal fish for it. They (Peta) would have a tough job trying to ban Carp fishing!! Asian carp are another thorn in our side. The general public does not know the difference between asian & commmon carp., so they tar all with the same brush, we certanly dont need that.
  11. Carpsava

    Toronto Recreational Fisheries Plan

    I would think we need representation for sure. Lorne is going...... any other takers? I would like to go but cannot get the time off (on probation @ new job). The more the better!! It would be doing us all a great service. At least they would know we are seriously on the fishing map.
  12. Carpsava

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    SHAME on anyone (fisherman or otherwise) who dumps garbage in our environment. Also SHAME on anyone who chooses to use this board as a boxing ring. Personal beefs need to be sorted out face to face or by PM. Keep this crap off the forum. We certainly do not need this type of BS posted here!!! RIP & Happy fishing. Carpsava
  13. Carpsava

    Found hundreds of huge carp ....my new swim

    Very noble effort & accomplishment above. Shame we will all get tarred with the same brush. There sure are some disgusting "fisherman" out there though. Eventually they will ruin it for all of us. We will have to be vigilant in our mission to keep the shorelines clean. Many times I have taken a garbage bag of junk out of a swim. I used to think this was casual once /year fisherman, but soon found out that those fishing carp were also to blame. If people cannot respect the environment, IMO they should not be able to fish at all. That's just a personal opinion but it sickens me that much. I don't get to fish so much these days & really don't have the time to clean up after a bunch of slobs either. AND I really hate fishing in a garbage dump. Let's keep it clean guys, our future for fishing may depend on it! Atb Carpsava
  14. Carpsava

    short runs

    Hi Darrin, A simple way to check for those problematic bites, REMOVE your bait. Recast & wait , I know this wastes a bit of time but if you still gets aborted takes then these will be line bites or liners. A back lead mostly helps but if the bottom is snaggy it may not help at all. Sometimes there are so many fish in an area you cannot avoid them, & they may not be feeding in that area. So you may have to move area. Sometimes the fish WILL be rig wary. Lets think about this, many people loose feed bait in an area, probably several hundred loose fed kernals of corn. Fish pick these up ONE by one. Sometimes they will avoid more than one grain ! Food for thought, many things to consider, but it is all part of the fun in carpin.
  15. The MNR are afraid to put this into action. They are not sure how to police it & they think it will be abused or give more advantage to the fish harvest community. They have dragged on this for 10 years & I think it will be another 10 before they see the dollars in it. Shame but dont hold your breath on this one. Besides that we still can catch plenty of fish with one rod, or take a partner with you & experiment that way.