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  1. firefly


    Hi Len welcome to the board
  2. firefly

    Hello all

    Hi Steelhead welcome to the board
  3. Hi Steve welcome to the board Small world my eldest brother lives at bradford-on avon justed outside bath that cannot be to far from you. Lovely part of the world down there.
  4. firefly

    hi all

    Hi Sask Thanks for the welcome. Right then first of qpr. Well after gerry francis left another Bristol Rovers player and ex manager Ian Holloway took over.It was all doom and gloom to begin with, we got relegated from the 1st division to the 2nd, But last season was a big improvement, we made the playoffs loseing to Cardiff in the playoff final in the millennium stadium Cardiff , in front of 60,000 fans and i was one of them . We are favourites to go up this season, i couldnt stand another season in div two ,it really is a crap league Ermghot Shouldnt you be a patriots fan liveing i massachusetts Thanks for the thumbs up on the Browns though. I generally belive we will have a very good season this year Scott This is spooky. I justed had a bet on the Eagles to win superbowl this season Who knowns this time next january, i could be in the money
  5. firefly

    hi all

    Payara I guess being three thousand miles away, and not being local like yourself, i miss out on a lot of stuff. I knew the stadium was very old and in a bad way. didn't know about the baseball team though. Looks like i owe Mr Modell an apology Thanks alot for the info though
  6. firefly

    hi all

    Hi mrdoughball Thanks for the welcome. And no i dont hold it against you that you follow the ravens If i did have a gripe with anyone it would be with a Mr modell . But hey, thats all water under the bridge now. Once again thanks for the welcome, and to everyone else who has wellcomed me. I wish you, and your teams all the best for the year. except against the browns that is.......
  7. firefly

    hi all

    Hi ant Arsenal.......are you sure no i support the best team in shepherdsbush QPR chuckle
  8. firefly

    hi all

    Hi Paya Thanks for the welcome. Well why the browns, most be the masochist in me. Actually it was in the early mid eighties, that we started watching nfl on channel four over here. Everybody was going nfl mad and i was one of them. I suppose the team i followed was the giants, as they had a great team at the time. Then it happend one cold winters day. they showed the browns for the first time, i sat there open mouthed as koser, schottenheimer, and the dawg pound came into view. The passion that those fans generated was justed incredible, and i have never forgottenn it. The giants hat was thown in the bin rookie mistake, and the browns one put in it"s place, and it"s been there ever since. The browns are crap, you know it , i know it but once a brown always a brown. Anyways i predict that in two years , the browns will make it to super bowl. See i told you i was a masochist tight lines steve
  9. firefly

    hi all

    hi all My name is steve and i am a newbi here. been lurking here for about a year now , and like what i see. I live in london u. k., and fish for all species, but of course carp are my number one. Fished in america three times now all on the st. lawrence, great carpfishing great country, great people what more can i say. Anyways hope to talk to you all soon. tight lines steve.