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  1. MACO Man

    Sunday, September 22nd carp tournament in Hamilton, ON

    Great, weather looks good so far.
  2. Canadian Carp Club is organizing the annual Canadian Carp Club Championship in Hamilton, ON, Pier 8. The main prize Shimano Thunnus 1200CI4. Lots of other prizes including Fox shelter, Carp Zoom and WCB products. For last leg of Canadian Carp Grand Prix 2012-2013 the prize is Shimano Baitrunner 1200 D. Both reels donated by Shimano Canada. Thank you SHIMANO for a great support. During the Award Ceremony there will be BBQ and "buy & sell" event. Bring you stuff to sell, buy what you find interesting. Great cash prizes, Trophy, medals, draw prizes. Entrance fee: $40 Additional pools: Big Fish $10, Winner Takes All $10 You must register online as we have to know how many pegs to prepare and how many sausages to buy. Registration: antymi@yahoo.com Andrew
  3. Sunday, September 22nd, Pier 8, Hamilton, ON, Annual Carp Tournament, Canadian Carp Club Championship. Entrance fee: $40, pools; Big Fish $10, Winner Takes All $10 Trophy for winner, medals and cash prizes for finalists. Cash prizes based on number of contestants. Additional prizes from sponsors. More details to follow. If you want to be a part of this great event please register: info@canadiancarpclub.com Andrew
  4. MACO Man

    Canada's National Fishing Week

    I tried to send you PM but system refused it. Please provide me your email address today. Send to antymi@yahoo.com
  5. MACO Man

    Team Rosters 2013 CanAm, Rules & Location.

    Looks like I will not get vacation during the last week of the month. Lorne please remove my name from Canadian Team. I love Can-AM. Perhaps next year.
  6. Dear Angler, Please be invited to Match Angling Club of Ontario's first 2013 event. Fishing pickup match. All species, catch & release. Event date: Sunday April 21 Location: 952 Foss Road, Pelham, ON, Google for driving directions. Pass the Bieda's Powersport building and turn right, then turn right again. Hours: 6:15AM registration, 6:45AM briefing and peg draw. fishing 8:00AM - 1:00PM Pickup match fee: $25, (club members $20) this includes private Bieda Lake fishing fee. Optional Pools, Big Fish $5, Winner Take All $10, Pools payout 100% Cash for 3 top Finalists, additional draw prizes from World Classic Bates. To register send your email to info@matchanglingclub.com You must have keepnet to keep your catch alive, if you do not own one you can rent it for $5. You must reserve keepnet when registering, we have limited supply only. First come, first serve. Two main species at Bieda is common carp and brown bullhead. There is some sunfish as well. Please visit MACO web site, look for "Regulations" to make yourself familiar with our rules. Here is link to Bieda Lake: MACO Committee.
  7. MACO Man

    "Just Fishing" on line

    Do not forget to see page 42 & 44
  8. MACO Man

    "Just Fishing" on line

    Hi Guys, "Just Fishing" spring issue magazine should be available in a fishing tackle store for some time now. For those who like to have your online copy, here is the link: http://www.justfishing.ca/wp-content/plugins/page-flip-image-gallery/popup.php?book_id=21 "Big JIm" is very friendly to us, carp anglers. Andrew
  9. Thanks Brian, I will do that. Andrew
  10. Just a few words about some upcoming events, more details will be posted before each event. Additional information will be available on www.matchanglingclub.com, join us on Facebook. Usually we start our season with a pickup match instead of a regular match. The same fishing rules apply but pickup matches do not count towards Angler of the Year classification, so in case of bad weather a match cancellation would not affect any member’s annual standing. This year we are planning to run the pickup match near Fort Erie. We are trying to persuade the owner of a private, never before fished lake to allow us to use his property for our events. If we achieve this it would be very interesting to see what swims in that particular lake. May 5, Match #1, this event is for all species, as any other MACO match, but all competitors will be restricted to fishing with float rigs only. Welland is perfectly suited for such a competition. A long pole is not a necessity at this location and last year’s winner used a regular match rod and reel. May 26, Match #2, regular MACO event, all species. NET Resort in Vineland is very popular, among our anglers, venue. MACOMANIA; our new and intended “match of the year” will have a $100 entry fee; all species; 90% payout plus a trophy to the winner, medals and prizes from sponsors. Event is located on Bieda Lake in Fenwick ON. There are many different events every year, with numerous entry fees; this event is intended for those who want to “WIN BIG”. More details regarding this new MACO event will be forthcoming. June 23, Match #3 will be a regular MACO match; all species; as well as being the first leg of the Canadian Carp Grand Prix qualifier. That means all anglers who catch a carp will be registered for CCGP 2013 standings. This year’s winner will be based on the 2012 & 2013 CCGP event results. July 6-7 Weekend Saturday, July 6, if there is enough interest we can hold a group fishing event in the Hamilton area, no entry fee. The winner will have bragging rights and there should be prizes available from sponsors. Licence free week, bring your friends and Family. Sunday, July 7, Canadian Carp Club is going to have a booth in High Park in Toronto. If anyone would like to volunteer to teach the public just how to fish for carp please send me PM! July 28, Match #4, MACO will be holding a “ledgering only” match; this is the second time we have held this type of event. No float rigs, only bottom fishing methods will be allowed; such as feeder; method; paylake; or free line etc. This match, as well as our “float only” is organized to make some events more challenging for all competitors. August 11, Match #5, regular MACO event, all species. Bieda Lake in Vineland is a new venue discovered by us last year. This location was chosen by MACO members for 2012 Invitational event. September 8, the MACO Invitational; as the name suggests this event is by invitation only. MACO members must qualify to be eligible to compete in this match. No entrance fee; lots of prizes from sponsors and club purchases. This is THE annual event to attend. Location will be determined by a members vote at the completion of match #5. September 22, carp only event; the Canadian Carp Club Championship hopefully to be held at Pier 8, if the big ship is still there it will be held at Bayfront Park. This event is also the second and final leg of the CCCP. Winners for “Canadian Carp Club Champion” and “Canadian Carp Grand Prix” will be announced. October 20, will be similar to the July 6 event. We are in the process of finalizing agreements with a great new sponsor for MACO & the Canadian Carp Club. 1.pdf
  11. Hello, I am going to spend, with my wife, couple of days in early April in Houston, TX. It is not going to be a 100% fishing trip but I hope to wet the line almost every morning. I am match and carp angler but this time I would like to try my luck fishing for Buffalo, never caught any here in Toronto, Ontario. I cannot get much stuff with me on the plane, so I will have to buy chum in Houston area. I will be, for 2 days, in Kingwood. There is farm supply store where I am planning to buy the chum. I have no idea which of the available products there would be good for chumming buffalo. I would really appreciate if some of you could check the link below and tell me what should I buy. Here is the link: http://knoxfarmandfeed.com/contact-us-2/ thank you in advance, Andrew (MACO Man)
  12. MACO Man

    Spring Fishing & Boat Show, see MACO booth.

    The booth number is changed. It is 1309, we are between Mega Tank and Kids Fishing Pond, more less half way. Behind Port Colbourne marina display. Hall 5. Show starts Friday at noon.
  13. MACO Man

    Outdoor Canada Carp Article

    Carp is getting much more attention by the big guys. This is great. Gord Pyzer visited Match Angling Club of Ontario booth last year at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show in Mississauga. He was interested what we do and how we fish. Steven Sherman is a VIP at Shimano Canada, he promised continuing sponsorship for MACO & Canadian Carp Club. You know Len Perdic, he fish the Hamilton area, I wonder if he likes the Little Lake in Peterborough better than Burlington Bay. Things are looking interesting for this season.
  14. Here is the picture of Big Jim giving a thumb up for carp fishing article. This magazine should be in your local fishing tackle very soon. It is free of charge. You can also get it on the Spring Fishing & Boat Show as well as at the currently running Toronto Sportsman Show.