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  1. perhaps you are fishing for carp for the wrong reasons?
  2. where's my head? in my pic?

  3. Kobuk

    Dynamite Baits Pre Orders - 10% off

    is this a commercial corner listing?
  4. Kobuk

    Everything Must Go..

    2 Delicim Alarms & Receiver Sold and received in good condition. Thanks.
  5. membership renewal

  6. Kobuk

    Matrix - Fox - Atts

    2 Matrix Deluxe Hot Head Hangers, Blue. Includes 3 Add-On Weights. Used, Good Condition Sold as one unit. 2 Fox MX Bite Alarms. Limited Camo Edition/ Hard Cases/ Batteries. Used, Good Condition. Sold as one unit. 2 ATTS Silent Alarms/ Blue LED/ Includes 2 2-Magnet Rollers, Black. 2 3-Magnet Rollers, Blue. Hard Cases, Batteries and Box. Used, Good Condition. Sold as one unit. 1 ATTx v2 Modular System. All Blue LED/ 2.5mm (Plug In's) Leather Type Carry Case/ Hard Case/ Batteries/ Box. Used, Good Condition. Sold as one unit. Personal Message Offers - Payment - Will Accept US Postal Money Orders Only. Shipping To Be Determined.
  7. Do the rules allow boats to be used in this event,and if so to what extent?