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  1. vali003

    Wts: Free Spirit Rod

    Superb rod ,I have the 13 ft . No better than this ,and the price is more than ok.
  2. vali003

    2012 Canam Team Rosters

    Hi Bob ,I have a question ,we will fish with 2 or 3 rods ? NY.have from this year a 3 rod permit ?
  3. vali003

    2012 Canam Team Rosters

    Bob ,do not worry ,team Canada will beat USA again .
  4. vali003

    2012 Canam Team Rosters

    Hi Bob ,please ad to the Canada team ,John Marinas ,thanks .
  5. vali003

    2012 Canam Team Rosters

    Hi Bob ,put me in, Vali Pavaloaia ,and I will bring the trophy with me ,Jeff last year giv-it to me ,he sold Long Sault motel .
  6. Salut Catalin la multi ani ,pe unde stai ?

  7. vali003

    For Sale Shimano Power Aero Reel

    Open for ofers.
  8. For sale -Shimano power aero reel ,the japanese version of the Shimano power aero xt-b ,front baitrunner ,one season old ,like new .Price 300 dollars .
  9. Hi guys ,he are same videos from the WCC http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhee
  10. vali003

    Canam Results And Pictures

    Be well Mike ,our prayers are with you ,see you next year .
  11. vali003

    Canam Results And Pictures

    I have a lot of pictures ,but the site do not give me the permision to post them ,if same of the moderators or admin. want I can send them .
  12. vali003

    Canam Results And Pictures

    More pictures
  13. vali003

    Canam Results And Pictures

    More pictures
  14. vali003

    Canam Results And Pictures

    CANAM RESULTS First and foremost, I think we all had a great time. The competition was fierce but very friendly, everybody but one guy caught fish, and speaking for myself I met a lot of great guys that I hope will come back and fish with me again. Now to the Results: It was close up until the last night, when all the top dog Canadians came alive, possibly because the Americans were well ahead in the beer drinking competition ( Team Canada finished on 175 fish for 338 points and Team USA on 116 fish for 224 points. (totally 291 fish caught) For the top places competition was incredibly tight with only 10 points betwen first four spots all went to Canadians, with two Americans in 5th and 6th and these were Jason Berhardt and Sean Sauda with 42 and 40 points. The overall winner was Jason Morton with 33 fish for 74 points. In 2nd spot was Vali Pavaloaia who overtook the early leader Simon Stewart with a great last night and a last minute 3 point mirror. Vali had 30 fish for 66 points and Simon 27 fish for 64 points. Vali also had the largest Fish with a 26 : 07 Common. Jason Morton had the largest Mirror at 25 : 01 and Simon took the big four with 95 : 11. The weather was against us every day, blazing sun and no wind which as you guys know is about the worst conditions for carp fishing, and sadly the big girls stayed firmly hidden the whole weekend. A very large amount of fish were hooked and lost, partly due to cut offs on the rocks which is normal, but a massive amount of hook pulls which is indicative of the fish not really feeding hard. Massive thanks go to Simon at Carp Kit and Len Perdic from Shimano for supplying us lots of great prizes, and my personal thanks to Vali, Jason and my nephew Elz for helping me out and lastly to Bob Giordano who not only came over before the tournament to help me, but really showed me what to do, and without him I would have been in trouble. As long as I am here, the CANAM will be welcome back any time. Jeff