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  1. Are carp still active? I know most fish kind of shut down by this late in the fall.
  2. Is it worth it to go out and try now? Would you do something similar to fishing in say the summer? Sorry if it's not the right place, i haven't been here in awhile and the forums changed.
  3. Thanks for the tip, hopefully it'll catch me some more fish.
  4. Haven't really posted or anything in awhile, mainly been bass fishing. Anyways, I got out today for an hour or so trying to catch some cats. I had some chicken liver dip bait on one pole, and some freshly cut shad on the other. I got a small bullhead on dip bait. I got a few ticks of the baitrunner and some short runs, but I never managed to hook one. I got a small, but good catfish on dip bait. While casting the bait back out, my baitrunner went off and was spinning good, line was bouncing, fish was tugging. I picked it up, set the hook and nothing. I got one more bullhead and a few more bites on the shad, but still nothing else. I decided to call it quits and come home to watch the NCAA tourny. I'm still wondering why a shad on a circle hook didn't catch me anything, perhaps I cut it to big? I'll be back to that pond tomorrow. lilcarp451
  5. Originally thinking 7lbs, then put it down to 5.5lbs. We didn't get any measurments, we just didn't think we'd catch anything big. Also, a video of it. Thanks, lilcarp.
  6. I caught this guy in the Spring and it still bugs me today I never got a accurate measure on him. I'm thinking it's 35 inches + but don't really know the weights. (Of course, since I'm the one who caught it, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit ) This is how close I was putting it to my body I thought I had more pictures, but I guess not. lilcarp451
  7. Yep, north-west of Chicago.
  8. Just me and my friend's 2010 year. Not ALL of our catches, a lot were not included to make the video short and sweet. Comments/Suggestions welcome.
  9. I also have a droid, how do you upload a picture straight from your phone, I've been wanting to know that for months.
  10. Depending on how big it seemed, could've been a bullhead. I've head bulhead on for....I'd say a half hour with a beep every 10 minutes or so.
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