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  1. Was just wondering if anything in them would harm the carp or if they would be good additives. I have close to 100 1# sample jugs from companies like Dymatize,Muscle Pharm, Labrada etc. All kinds of flavors and formulas. Have about 50 8oz bottles of liquid supps as well from Muscle Milk. Thought about using them to super charge packbaits. I think I need to research which aminos are carp effective, or I will ask my carp knowledge guru "BUCKEYE BOB" lol or if any other gurus would be interested in sharing
  2. Just wondering. I have been reading the labels and this stuff is full of aminos and proteins. They have very strong smell so the strawberry smells like a strong strawberry etc... Most of the lines come in powder or liquid.
  3. AK my brother I don't just fish when it's hard.. the water I mean. The Sandusky Bay is amazing, you have a huge bay coming off Erie, you have the Sandusky river, Portage river, Little Portage river and the Harbors. More good areas than a man can fish in a lifetime. I invite people all the time to come up and fish or take some time and explore a little. NADA.
  4. As soon as it unthaws:) Stupid winter, needs to go away or at least give us 40 degrees. Went past power plant this morning was goona shoot some corn and crushed boilies out but the whole beach was packed with steelhead guys. The rivers are still up and muddy so they go there instead. I hope they can get in the rivers this weekend so I can fish some.
  5. Will do on FB, going this weekend, highs in the 20's so clears out all the fairweather anglers. Will put up some pics of the area and hopefully some fish for ya
  6. Yeah moved back to Westlake at the end of Aug. been fishing Avon power plant and doing pretty good. They are closing the plant at the end of 2014 so I have to fish it alot this winter before it's gone. Everything else is still froze up except for a few rivers but they are full of steelhead and walleye guys so ya can't fish em. When ya coming back to see everyone? On a side note has anyone tried the Daiwa Maddragon carp rods? BPS has them for 60 bucks thinking of getting a couple to try.
  7. Just got my hat and it looks very nice, they have a good selection of carp camo. Got 2 shirts as well, as motivation, 2x still a bit small but getting close Also total-carp.com has some good videos on carp tv this past month.
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