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  1. Here is another joke: http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/8639561/Re_off_topic#Post8639561
  2. El Presidente, methinks you doth protesteth too much. The facts may come into focus over time, if at all.
  3. I agree with Mr. B about the eurolaker bait. I will at times bury a small boilie, hair rigged in a packed ball and dosed with some flavor. The carp will stay on it till they find the boilie and then run with it. I will grease the boilie with hemp, tigernut, fish oil depending on the boilie that I am using to keep the pack from sticking to the boilie.
  4. I believe Senor Possum makes a good point. Name calling with a group that has a different point of view about our fishing resources can only alienate other anglers who share similar sentiments but do not necessarily buy into their style of fishing. Hearts and minds are won on the bank with the casual observers who witness a spirited fight from the lowly carp. I have had other anglers plus families enjoying the river and lakes here in Texas come over to see the carp on the bank and all are impressed. I try to be the diplomat and answer their questions about my methods and tackle. The looks on the children tells me that they will remember. Where I can improve my presentation skills is by how I release the carp back into the water. I throw all my fish back, after they are caught but I guess I will need to show a little more respect to the carp and cradle them, then let them swim off. FYI.. Mr Stern, I am not unarmed, I own a Taurus Public Defender with 410 shells in the first 3 chambers backed by 45 hollow points in the next 2 for the purpose of snake killing don’t ya know. Its right and proper down here in the Lone Star state.
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