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  1. Carp on the fly are a blast. Where are you in Florida? Not many common carp but plenty of grass carp in the canals etc
  2. Carp on the fly are a blast. Where are you in Florida? Not many common carp but plenty of grass carp in the canals etc
  3. If you have any difficulties then please email Willem with any questions: BIG4@joincag.com
  4. He stopped responding after a couple of conversations about it last year... I asked to see it running & no more responses.
  5. I think 5 or 7 days is reasonable. Phil is currently travelling back from the UK and we will review and confirm tomorrow.
  6. Leaderboard – Spring Big 4 2019 As many of you know we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop an updated Leaderboard. Unfortunately we are not able to get this new software implemented in time and will need to run with the existing leaderboard. The old software is only limited by the size of the image / photo that can be uploaded and the number of uploads. We are therefore asking everyone to please pay careful attention to the following instructions! 1. Please limit each image upload size to a maximum of 250Kb Since most cell phone and camera digital images are MUCH bigger than this you will need to resize your image before uploading it. How to re-size your image Please, please please before you start make sure you have saved your original full-sized image as you don’t want to overwrite it with a smaller image! Here are some options for resizing an image… 1. Use a program such as Image Resizer Link 2. Microsoft Photo Viewer. Open the image you want to resize and then right click on the image and select Resize. Make sure you save it with a different name to avoid over-writing the original! 3. Send the image to yourself as an email attachment (you can even do this from your phone). When you click send it should give you some options like this: Once you get the email simply save the attachment with a new name (e.g. CAG Big 4 small.jpg) to avoid over-writing the original. 2. Only upload your 4 Biggest Fish. Remember this is a Big 4 contest. There is no need to upload ALL of your captures! Once you’ve uploaded your first 4 fish then simply replace your smallest fish with the latest bigger one. 3. How to Enter your Captures into the Leaderboard Click Here to Log-In to the Leadboard Then enter YOUR Email Address and Password and Click the Login Button Now Click on Events And then select: 2019 CAG Spring Big4 Now Select: Add Result Then Enter your catch details: Weight, Location and then Upload your Photo which must be no bigger than 250Kb and then Click: Save Result. ** Remember your photo MUST clearly show: You as the Angler, Your Fish, Your Scales and the 2019 Spring Big 4 Logo ** If you have any difficulties then please email Willem with any questions: BIG4@joincag.com
  7. CAG ONLINE LEADERBOARD REGISTRATION IMPORTANT! If you have already Registered in previous years or for other CAG Leaderboard Events YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN If you see this message: "Such an email already exists in the Leaderboard, please use the Retrieve Password button to reset your password" Simply enter the email address you used to register and and the Captcha Code and then Click Remind You will receive an email and a link to reset your password. But if this is your first time Registering for the CAG Leaderboard then please follow the instructions below: START BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW : (you might find it helpful to open the link in a new tab so you can still see these instructions) Click here for the LeaderBoard Registration & Log-In Then Click on the REGISTER button Enter ALL the info below and make sure your email is entered correctly or you won’t receive the confirmation email. If you can’t read the Captcha, click the refresh button until you can see one clearly. THERE ARE NO SPACES when you enter the Captcha. When you click REGISTER this message will appear: You will receive an email within 15 minutes (but often immediately) with this message: You can now return to the Leaderboard Log-In Link and enter your E-Mail Address and the Password you received in the email: Click here for the LeaderBoard Log-In Click on 'Profile' You can now Enter Information into your Profile and Select a New Password (write it down somewhere so you don't forget it) You can now select EVENTS and then the event name you wish to Register: 2019 CAG Spring Big 4 Once your Registration has been approved you will see this message: When the 2019 Spring Big 4 has started you will be able to post your catches! A Leaderboard - How to Post Your Catches can be found in separate forum thread - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Click Here to Learn How to Enter Catches
  8. The Leader Board software is being updated. If it is not ready in time for the start of the Big 4 we will ask anglers to post their catches in a separate thread on the 2019 Spring Big 4 Forum. We will keep you updated. Check for updates here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/403-2019-cag-spring-big4/
  9. The Carp Anglers Group has always promoted the careful handling ad catch and release of Trophy sized carp. However there is an abundance of small carp in many waters and taking an occasional fish for the table is not only part of the American heritage but unlikely to impact carp populations. Fish under 8-10lb are safest to eat as larger fish are more likely to have accumulated toxins such as PCB's (some states recommend limiting consumption of fish to one meal a week and to avoided if pregnant etc). Good luck with your fishing and please help us protect the bigger carp by releasing them unharmed.
  10. The logo is posted immediately before the start of the Big 4. The Leader Board Software is in the process of being updated and we hope it will be ready in time. If not we will create an interim measure so folk can post their captures and then add them to the leader board as soon as it is up and running.
  11. NEWS UPDATE! A prize will be awarded to the angler who has posted the Biggest 4 Fish caught during the months of March, April & May... so don't delay in posting your captures! Captures must uploaded no later than 12:30 pm on the last day of the month (please be sure to note the state in which your fish was captured so we can adjust for time zones!) Each monthly winner will receiver a RidgeMonkey VRH300 Head Lamp valued at $70 * Rechargeable Lithium Battery (with battery level indicator) * Up to 90 Hours Battery Life * Swivel Mount ensures optimum viewing angle * 3 White Light Modes ( two broad beam light levels and a long range spot light mode) * 2 Green Light Modes preserve night vision * Comfortable easy to adjust Head Strap
  12. Anyone looking for places to stay for the carp conference then follow this link: Click Here for Nearby Hotels & Motels
  13. Carp Conference Update - Fish In! We are looking to have a Fish-In on Sunday April 7th (day after the conference). Hopefully the weather and water conditions are more favorable than in previous years!!!! Please let me know if you are interested.
  14. Yes fish caught in any of a regions states will qualify for a Regional award
  15. OK let me try to clarify... The Top Ten Big 4 Prizes, are awarded to the Biggest Four Carp caught ANYWHERE in North America. So you can travel all over and enter carp caught anywhere in USA, Canada or even Mexico. This also includes the prizes for Big Common and Big Mirror. The Regional Awards, on the other hand, are only for carp caught in the states represented within each region. That's why we ask you to indicate each state in which you caught an individual fish. So if, for example, you enter for an award in Region III the carp must be caught ONLY from states within that region. So even if you're overall Big 4 Fish fall outside the Top Ten Prizes you might still be eligible for a Regional Award. I hope this clarifies things.
  16. Yes for Regional awards all 4 fish entered must come from one region. You can fish as many regions as you like and enter your top 4 fish from anywhere in North America to compete in the overall Big 4 Prizes.
  17. The overall Big 4 Results for places & prizes 1 - 10 apply to fish caught ANYWHERE in North America. The Leader Board will ask you to indicate which State you caught your fish. This will identify the Regional Award winners. Hope this answers your question.
  18. History of Carp in North America View File History of Carp in North America Reproduced from an earlier Printed NACA Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 02/17/2019 Category General  
  19. Winter NACA Magazine now available on-line! Click Here to Read On-Line! You can also download from the CAG Forum Download section. Many thanks to Dean Brookes (Editor) & Sal Castanedo (Publisher) for another great issue! If you would like to submit an article or photos for our next NACA please email: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  20. Version 1.0.0


    North American Carp Angler Magazine Winter 2018


  21. The Baiting Pyramid View File Iain Sorrell reveals his success on US water using the Baiting Pyramid first developed by the legendary Mike Wilson while fishing Savay back in the 1970's Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 02/14/2019 Category General  
  22. No... you can always have your printed version in the photo. We are re-writing the rule to clarify that for the FIRST 48 hours only you can ALSO display the logo on a mobile device. This is to allow folk who don't have access to a printer (perhaps because they are already bankside) in that time period an opportunity to post results.
  23. More great vendors added and the perfect time to stock up on your bait & tackle needs for the upcoming season! Here is the list so far... * Fishing Factory 3 * Carp Maxx * Orient Rods * Record Baits * Linear Bait & Tackle Specials * Carp Mart * Advanced Rods USA - Century * CT Carp Leads * Carp Bait USA * World Classic Baits It's going to be a great show! Click Here to Register for the North American Carp Conference !
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