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  1. A few from this Spring

    Those pics are in fact from one session. I think I'm going to have to make it my lucky shirt!
  2. A few from this Spring

    Thanks guys!
  3. A few from this Spring

    Hey Guys, Despite not getting out to much this spring I did managed to get into some nice fish. I landed 1 fish over 30, half a dozen 20’s and 3 mirrors. With that being said I figured it was worth posting some pics. My third Mirror of the year 23+ 25+ One of several that I caught on the fly My biggest so far this year 31lbs 3oz DC
  4. another great video !

    Thanks for the link!!
  5. Tying rigs during winter

    Thanks guys!! It will keep me busy in the off season.
  6. Tying rigs during winter

    Do you guys see any problem with tying rigs over the winter for something to do? Knowing that they will sit in your rig box for possibly 4+ months before getting used. Thanks!
  7. My First Canadian Mirror !

    Awesome fish!!
  8. How to make Oats Packbait video tutorial

    Great video, thanks!!
  9. 100 Mirrors

    Awesome fish!!
  10. Boilie Rolling Table

    Thanks for all the tips and links guys, I will post up some pics if my batch is a success. I'm going to shoot for around 10lbs.
  11. Nice write up, those are some wicked fish!!!
  12. Boilie Rolling Table

    I want to buy a rolling table and was wondering what people’s opinions are as far as the best size. I'm only going to have one for now so I was thinking 18mm? I'm trying to target fish in the 10-25lb range. When I look on ebay, most of the 16mm tables are out of stock so maybe that answers my question lol..
  13. Grits Does It Again.

    Awesome fish, great job!!
  14. New Pb!

    Congrats on the PB. Awesome fish!!
  15. Two Timing Mirror

    Nice fish!! I use to run a Quantum iron baitcaster like that until clicker broke.