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  1. bumpity-bump-bump.... We need your help!
  2. First item of business in CAG's mission statement: A) To gain acceptance of the carp as an exciting and challenging sport-fish. What better way to accomplish this, than to have a town renowned for its carp fishing named the Ultimate Fishing Town USA ?
  3. willem, can you do a mass email to your members?
  4. exactly! CAG has what? Over 4000 members? If they each just voted a couple times, that would be the difference between lime-light for carp angling, or settling back in the shadows of the bass and walleye and salmon and trout..etc...etc..
  5. bump
  6. Yes I was talking about the fish! LOL Listen up, guys and gals! We need votes. Our lead is slipping away by the hour. If you have successfully voted and verified your email address, please forward the address here and we will make sure your votes get in every time block: uft13694@gmail.com Thank you, it means a lot to us. This is our second --and last--chance to make the World's Carp Capital into the Ultimate Fishing Town USA. Please help us make this dream come true! Like I said, this is our LAST chance, as Waddington will not compete again next year if we do not win this one. ALL UK carpers...all carpers across the world for that matter should be contributing to this pivotal opportunity for carp angling. Please advertise this to the max over the next two weeks.
  7. Hey, guys and gals! This is the kind of monster awaiting you in the St Lawrence River! Please help us bring the title of Ultimate fishing Town USA to the World's Carp Capital! We needs votes, lots of 'em and FAST! Please vote here: http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/uft/vote/waddington-ny Vote every day until the contest ends on May 31st! Please and thanks (I borrowed this pic from the FISHCAP facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/fishcap)
  8. Waddington endorsed by fishing legend Don Meissner, host of PBS's Streamside with Don Meissner: “Waddington to me epitomizes the ultimate fishing town. I chose it for my own personal place to fish. It’s beckoning; it’s peaceful and right on the waterfront in a beautiful 1800s setting. Also, it’s home to the best muskie, walleye and northern pike fishing. Let’s not forget it has been chosen as the carp fishing capital of the world,” Mr. Meissner said.
  9. The other towns are joining with some towns in Canada to gang up on us and are voting for each other! Guess they don't want a carp town to win... What do you think of that?
  10. Thanks everyone! Votes are rolling in, but we need more! We're ahead, but as we sorely learned last year, No Lead is a Safe Lead.
  11. Thanks so much! Voting lasts until May 31 and you can vote 4x per day (once every 6 hrs) with every email you own. Please spread the word to your friends and family and get them to vote, too!
  12. Awesome! Give me your twitter name and I will follow you!
  13. Thanks, Willem!
  14. bump
  15. Thanks, Chris! Glad to have you and Michelle back on board for another fun ride!