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  1. VanCarper

    Bc Carpin'!

    Yeah, that was on 'dough' and a bobber lol
  2. VanCarper

    Bc Carpin'!

    Hi Pi. Nice to meet you. My name is Patrick 'Patrice' Guertin and I'm the State Chair for BC. So...a beginner huh? That's good! I've got over 20 years experience fishing for gold and can probably give you a tip or two in any discipline, be it float, ledger, stalking or fly rod. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. Have you purchased any carp rods or reels yet? If not, I can point you in the right direction. Purchasing from one of the CAG sponsors will be a great way to help out 'the cause'. Did you join CAG yet?! How do you intend to fish for carp? Have you caught carp before? Can you cast a fly rod??? Do you want to? With regards to the location that those fish came from... I won't disclose that particular lake to you right now. It's very special to me and on my doorstep so to speak....but I'll definitely be up for a meet and greet and introduce you to some of the boys. Noticed that you are in Chilliwack. I'm currently in Burnaby but working in Northern Alberta on a 14/7 rotation. You'd be surprised but the carping starts early in the lower mainland....mid April is guaranteed a run but they are catchable throughout the year. You just have to put the time in. And I mean put the time in. Most anglers in the Lower mainland wouldn't bother to even think about trout fishing in the winter, let alone carp! Carp are well established in BC. Most of the sloughs, if not all of them in your area contain them, as does Hatzic Lake. I have a small-ish but growing group on a local BC Fishing Reports Web site which might interest you. Do a web search for VANCARPERS and you're sure to find it. I go by the name Part270579 on most websites I use. Also, check out my buddy Claytons' youtube page BCOnTheFly. I also have a free website at dirtyhaul.com. Pop on over and have a read. Lots of useful info. All the best Pi. PM me and I'll forward my contact details to you. Kind Regards, Patrick Guertin
  3. VanCarper

    Bc Carpin'!

    Wow! The 2012 season has finally kicked off here in the lower mainland! Check out these beauftil, wild fish!!! ^^After losing two fish prior Raymond set out on his own and managed his first carp, EVER! ^^Now THAT'S a custom carp rod!!^^ Built by the guy below!! I'll get more pics up as the fish come. All the Best, Vancarper
  4. VanCarper

    Bc Carpin'!

    Come on OVER!!!!!!
  5. Are you making an offer of $301??? PM me
  6. Taking offers on the above
  7. Wanted! Lamson Guru 2 or 3

  8. Hahahaha! Cheap!!! Make an offer! I only need the one
  9. 18x BCUK Pop-ups $35 +shipping 7X Tulip Bead Packs, 6x Pellet Crystal Wagglers $5, 7x A.V.O. Diamond 2.5oz Teardrops 1x Syringe A.V.O. Diamonds $15+shipping Tulip Bead Kits Comprise of 5x Tulips Beads, Matt Black Swivels, Rung Rings and Black Beads $10+shipping Dragon Carp Medium Bit's Box C/W Dividers and 4xMini Boxes. Also about 10M of rig tubing in Black, Green and Brown. $35+shipping Mini Boxes with heaps of (50)Green and (47)Brown Tulip Beads, (90)Black Beads, (28)Swivels, (19)Size 6 Gator Hooks, (30) Run Rings and (7) quick links. Fox Stratos FS10000E with 25lbs Berkley Whiplash Crystal $90+shipping Bazuka, 7.5ft Aventi Carbon Power Landing Net Handle, 9ft Chub Outcast Aventi Carbon Power 2 piece Landing Net Handle. $25+shipping Flambeau Bazuka $50+shipping 9ft Chub Outkast $make me an offer!!! First offer over $300+shipping and it's all yours!
  10. Selling off my bait gear. Used to good effect. I have a Chub Outkast 9ft Stalker. Needs no into. Casts like a dream. Great for Salmon, Steelhead, Lakers, Pike and of course Carp! Fox FS10,000E spooled with 25lbs Whiplast Crystal. No spare spool. Spool reducer in on and dingle handle. I have the twin but it'sin the UK. Flambeau Bazuka Extending Rod tube. Airline friendly. Extends 63-80+ inches. 18 pots of full/ half full used BCUK pop-ups. I have another 40+ in UK. Going back in March to collect 7x AVO Diamond Glass sinkers. Flat Teardrops 2.5oz. Swivels, run rings, tulip beads etc etc. ****SOLD****TFO TiCR 9ft 10W 4pce rod ****SOLD**** I have all the gear on ebay. Make me an offer. Looking for a Lampson Guru 2 of 3 or other quality fly gear. Given up catching carp with bait. Fly only for me now! email me at part270579@yahoo.co.uk or through the CAG console. Can email pic's if needed.
  11. VanCarper

    Wanted: 5Lb T/c Spod Rod

  12. VanCarper

    Wanted: 5Lb T/c Spod Rod

    Seriously, postage out of the equation, you guys pay far too much. Half of the gear is made in China; very few items are made in the UK unless you are buyinh Harrison or Centry etc. And I think you'll find even the mighty Korda started out with teflon coated Chinese made hooks. So yeah, you guys get raped and it's non to fair on you. And sturgeon fishing my friend. I need to put 8 oz of lead out 50 yards. I preffer a gear rod for bigger fish, but a buddy of mine takes them on a 12wt Sage. Clayton 'The Addict' John with a fly rod caught Fraser King
  13. VanCarper

    Wanted: 5Lb T/c Spod Rod

    Looking for a cheap carbon 5lb T/C Spod Rod. TFG Banshee, Chub Outcast. Fox Warrior etc. I can't BELIEVE how expensive carp gear is in North America. You guys are getting raped
  14. Okay people!!! Carp fishing on the west coast of Canada is not exactly brimming with participants....until they see the immense size of these little(chuckles) fish averaging 10lbs! These fish are dwarfing their usual rainbow trout captures, and when they find out we are taking them on a fly rod, well, little eyes light up!!!! So what I'm asking is: Any CAG members that have fishing friends or family in BC just to send them a little email, PM or simply bring up carp fishing when you are next on the phone...point them in my direction and I'll get em signed up and onto some carp!!!! I'm really not interested in any kind of 'payment' from the powers of be i.e. cheaper or reduced membership, something that has been discussed in a previous post somewhere on this forum. BUT if CAG is currently offering something like that, I'd like to see it go to the member that introduced my new BC member to CAG. My contact details can be forwarded to anyone who want them. Crank callers will be hunted down, stuffed in an old sack of dead bream, ground down and sold fertiliser! You see....Help ME, Help CAG and maybe help yourselves?! Tight lines, VanCarper ....and let's get BC up there with the rest of the Carpin' states and provinces!!!