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    new to this game of "Carp Fishing" but have tournament bass fished for years. My wife says "YOUR ATE UP" with carp fishing. what can I say. Love it.

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    Salem, indiana
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  1. neitzke

    Carp of the Month - July Winner

    Congratulations Derek.
  2. neitzke

    ROLL CALL! Lake Monroe social sign-up

    I'll be there, Dot will be there. Cant wait the last social was great.
  3. OK Captain, another great read. It is worth the C.A.G. membership fee alone just to read your post.
  4. Great Job Derek. Being local and having fished the lake a lot Dot and I were wanting to put a whupping on all of you but we got served a piece of Humble Pie. Slinker, Denice, wow what fisherman, and the Gilbert such a hard worker. Joey and Derek, never a dull moment with you two around. Dot, thats probably a record run time you had about 3 AM seemed like that fish ran for 5 minutes before you woke to catch it. To all the other fisherman, come visit us any time. Jim at Westside Bait and Tackle you are a class act thanks for the prizes. Hope to see you all at the next social.
  5. neitzke

    ROLL CALL! Salinda social sign up

    I will be there and yes probably bivvy up the night before. I' do some baiting the day before for everyone. and also bring some drinks and other food. Dot plans on being there also. Did my first session there yesterday caught a 19, a 17 and a 7 pounder. in a late afternoon session. Let me know what areas you want baited
  6. neitzke

    Getting More Distance

    If You have a medical supply store near they should sell surgical tubing. It comes in a couple of different sizes. Buy the thickest you can and use it to replace the bands on your catapult. You can make them longer than normal. These rubber bands are usually a lot heaver than what comes on the catapult thus will give you more distance
  7. Yea Guys. hope to make more of these this year. I will for sure be at Salinda. Any way i can help just let me know. I may try and bivvy up fri night before the social on sat. If you want to join me just let me know. I will do some pre baiting before the social
  8. Ok Dennis you did it again. Resistance Tackle UNDER CHARGED me. My shipping charges were allmost $10.00 more than they showed on my Order Receipt and Dennis paid them for me. WOW Resistance gets Two thumbs Up from me. Thank you for the super fast mailing of my order. and Thank you for paying the extra shipping. My Delkims are beautiful cant wait to use them. Thanks Again Dick Neitzke
  9. neitzke

    zig rig hook length

    I know this must sound dumb, but if i understand correctly the zig rigs allow the bait to suspend off bottom like a pop up but maybe several feet off bottom, closer to the top of the lake. What is the advantage of the zig over just fishing with a float "bobber" except from keeping your bait in one place. excuse me for my ignorance.
  10. neitzke

    Muddy Fishing!

    beautiful job guys
  11. neitzke

    How to make Forever Grits video

    Very nice video but have one question, What is the weoght of the box of instant grits. the instant grits i buy are different brand and dont know if the net weight is the same or not, Thanks again keep up the good work
  12. Way to go guys, awesome
  13. great Fish, congrats, so many dont understand the whole experience of catching this wonderful fish.
  14. neitzke

    More crabtree carp 4/26

    Nice catch, a triple, done a couple of doubles, dont know if i could handle a triple. way to go
  15. neitzke

    cracked corn

    I always keep lake water to boil my baits in. I never use tap water