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  1. msirakov

    Carp Fishing Bulgaria

    Yes that is disgusting! Sorry for not being around for some time but been busy and my tackle was stolen....anyway i will try to get some good carp caught here recently and show it to you...
  2. msirakov

    Carp Fishing Bulgaria

    Thanks, i`m trying my best...
  3. msirakov

    Carp Fishing Bulgaria

    I am glad that you are interested to discuss carp fishing in European countries. Here is the page Carp Anglers Bulgaria in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carp-anglers-Bulgaria/171436589602238 Regarding the website that i am trying to expand and fill with info here it is: http://carpangler.co.cc/ See you there!
  4. msirakov

    Carp Fishing Bulgaria

    Thanks to all guys! Nice to meet so many people obsessed with carp fishing. Sorry for the late posting. Well the situation in Bulgaria at present time is not very good considering the options to fish at bigger lakes owned by the government and also the bigger rivers due to the reason that many people are fishing to sell the fish and breaking laws, using nets and electricity. But fortunately the few anglers that fish for the sport and for the thrill to catch a trophee are struggling to expand the idea of catch and release. Most of the smaller lakes have been given for a certain amount of time for concession and there you can go knowing that the fish is there at least. For a few months now i am trying to collect and post information about carp fishing competitions and the carp fishing in Bulgaria in a website and in a Facebook page. I do not know if i am allowed to post links here but if i can do that i will be happy to show you the recent updates from the carp fishing in Bulgaria for example next week there will be for a first time carp fishing competition for youngsters under 16 y.o. with free entrance and sponsor gifts and cups. Tight lines to all!
  5. msirakov

    Carp Fishing Bulgaria

    Hello friends, My name is Marin. I am a 29 year old Bulgarian and a passionate carp angler. So i would like to show to the audience of the CAG what is happening in Bulgaria - venues, competitions and others...I hope you will be interested to discuss with me. greetings,