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  1. 2015 Can-Am Carp Challenge

    Hi Bob, Can you please add Brian Brown to Team Canada? Many thanks.
  2. CANAM 2014

    The following are the the results for the 2014 CanAm Carp Championship help up on Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside Ontario on the weekend of July 17th to 20th, 2014. Results: Team Canada - 166 points Team U.S.A. - 140 points Most Fish: First Place - Vali Pavaloaia (Canada) with 412 lbs Second Place - Radu Georgescu (USA) with 315 lbs Third Place - Scott Petticrew (Canada) with 197 lbs Biggest Fish: Louie Kiah landed the biggest fish wieghing in at 28 lbs using GWN’s Banana Cream Pop-Ups with Pineapple Punch Spray! Prize payout was $400.00!!! Louie was very closely followed by Greg Conger (27.02 lbs), Sarah Graves (26.7 lbs) and Peter Starczala (25 lbs). Congratulations Louie! Also Noted: * Sarah Graves recieved a set of swingers donated by Matt Latzo of CAG * Daniel Maravelle for his sportsmanship recieved the pass’ from the Hamilton Waterfront Trust Tour and also a Feeder Rod donated by Bill’s Bait and Tackle for Smallest Fish * Al Cole (USA) recieved a Sonic package (Rod / Reel / Hat) donated by Carp Kit International To be noted, there was over 2,000 lbs of Carp safely landed and released during this event with only one unfortunate incident. While waiting for morning weigh-in, a raccoon with an over sized appetite beat the angler to the keep net! We would like to send a very special thanks to all the participants for taking part in this amazing event. Our Team Captains Vali and Bob for all of thier hard work in helping organize prior and during this wonderful event! We also have a very special thank you to send out to all of our sponsors for your amazing donations and support each year and this year was no exception! Sponsor's: World Classic Baits Carp Kit International Canadian Carp Club Shop Bills Bait & Tackle Burn's Fishing CAG GWN Baits Hamilton Waterfront Trust Tim Hortons Canadian Tire Matt Latzo and last but not least The St. Lawrence Parks Commission!
  3. CANAM 2014

    With the totals in, here are the results posted on the CanAm Website (link below). We would very much like to thank all the participants, sponsors and organizers for all of their hard work, donations and support! All of our sponsors have now been mailed or hand delivered a thank you letter from all of us here! We will see you all next year and have a great and safe year! Please feel free to sign up for future CanAm Events and updates! http://canamcarping.webs.com/
  4. CANAM 2014

    2014 CanAm update: Well, as closing approaches, Bob Vali and I would like to thank everyone very much for participating in another great CanAm event! We would like to ask anyone who participated to share any or all photo's with us of your catches and experiences for the CanAm Website (for our 2014 album and future uses). We will also be forwarding photo's of this event to our sponsors in a special thank you to them! All photo's should be sent to mmcpetrie@live.ca and please feel free to add any details like weights and maybe even a story or two! Again, thank you so very much for helping make this years CanAm a great success! Tight lines and all the best! Martin McPetrie
  5. CANAM 2014

    2014 CanAm Update: 2014 CANAM PEGS http://canamcarping.webs.com/2014-teams Below is the peg draft done by a Canadian Organizer and American Organizer totally at random (each side drawing opposing team name). Take a look at what Peg you are located at and which side of the peg you are located at (right or left side of peg). eg: Peg 15 Bob S. (Can) & Ralph M. (USA) - so they are both on Peg 15 but Bob is on the left hand side of the Peg and Ralph is on the right side. CAMP GROUND SITE "E" (PEGS 1-5) Peg #1 - Left side Michel Dumont (Can) Peg #1 - Right side Colin Peacock (USA) Peg # 2 - Left side Steve Bailey (USA) Peg # 2 - Right side Greg Ogden (Can) Peg # 3 - Left side Andrzej Tyminiewski (Can) Peg # 3 - Right side Stelian Bogdan (Adrian) (USA) Peg # 4 - Left side Radu Georgescu (USA) Peg # 4 - Right side Vali Pavaloaia (Canadian Team Captain) Peg # 5 - Left side Scott Petticrew (Can) Peg # 5 - Right side Micheal Cummings (USA) CAMP GROUND SITE "A" (PEGS 6 - 13) Peg # 6 - Left side Bob Giordano (USA Team Captain) Peg # 6 - Right side Peter Starczala (Can) Peg # 7 - Left side Simon Stewart (Carp Kit) (Can) Peg # 7 - Right side Jay Foster (USA) Peg # 8 - Left Side Louie Kiah (USA) Peg # 8 - Right side Chris Kotyk (Can) Peg # 9 - Left side Roger Holton (Can) Peg # 9 - Right side Steve Conger (USA) Peg # 10 - Left side Alan Cole (USA) Peg # 10 - Right side Daniel Maravalle (Can) Peg # 11 - Left side Phil Tabry (Can) Peg # 11 - Right side Mike Forbes (rep USA) * Peg # 12 - Left side Sarah Graves (rep. USA) * Peg # 12 - Right side Randy Estabrooks (Can) Peg # 13 - Left side Martin Lavigne (Can) Peg # 13 - Right side Brian Brown (rep USA) * A very special thank you to all the participants for your sportsmanship for filling in for the opposing side! Thank you all and good luck! Thank you, CanAm Organizers Tight lines and all the best!
  6. CANAM 2014

    CanAm Update: I have spoken with Bob regarding the phone draft and we are waiting on a few guys from the USA to verify they are coming. We will have the final Peg Draft up on the CanAm Site, CAG and Facebook by no later than Friday night. Once this is posted, it will not be altered unless there is an unexpected last minute no show and will be dealt with on site. Show up, locate your peg and set up, fish and have a blast! Also, apparently the Canadian Boarder Officers heard about the CanAm being over here and have cut the amount of USA participants allowed across to ensure a win. LOL... I am only kidding, but as in the past with unbalanced teams, if there are any Canadians that would not mind volunteering to go to bat for the USA to balance teams, please contact me ASAP. Otherwise it will be automatically done and one or two random people will be chosen. http://www.canamcarping.webs.com/ https://www.facebook...arpanglingclub/ http://www.carpangle...029-canam-2014/Thank you, CanAm Organizers
  7. CANAM 2014

    A couple of great offers for the participants in this years CanAm: First: Folks, "Orders for Can Am 2014 can be delivered to the event free of charge, just copy and paste coupon code CANAM2014DELIVERY and enter into the coupon voucher code box at checkout, we will be arriving at the event 12 noon on Thursday 17th July" Expires 11th July 2014 All the best and looking forward to seeing you there! Simon http://www.carpkit.com/ Second: Tony from the Canadian Carp Club has done some great work for us in the area to get the participants some great deals from lodging at Long Sault Motel to food / restaurants. If there is enough interest in Subway food from the participants, here is what can be offered by Tony and Subway: Subway would be interested in making a special pricing on 3 different choices of menu that will include 12" breakfast, lunch and supper. Again, there has to be enough anglers interested in this offer so Tony can go back and talk with subway to get the detailed menu and pricing. Anglers will have to pay and choose their packages before the Canam and Tony will deliver free of charge everyday the sandwiches. Please post here, contact an organizer or Tony directly at the Canadain Carp Club Shop and let them know ASAP! http://canadiancarpclubshop.ca/shop/ Thanks again Simon and Tony! -- Martin H. J. McPetrie http://canamcarping.webs.com/ Strictly Fishing Ontario mmcpetrie@live.ca
  8. CANAM 2014

    Folks, "Orders for Can Am 2014 can be delivered to the event free of charge, just copy and paste coupon code CANAM2014DELIVERY and enter into the coupon voucher code box at checkout, we will be arriving 12 noon on Thursday 17th July" Expires 11th July 2014 All the best and looking forward to seeing you there! Simon http://www.carpkit.com/
  9. CANAM 2014

    Done and sorry to hear it.
  10. CANAM 2014

    No problem, we will see you out there one of these years soon I hope! All the very best!
  11. CANAM 2014

    Hi all! I hope all is well. I was wondering if those of you that have requested to come but have not paid yet are still coming to the CanAm this year? I am just touching base with everyone as there is only about 2-3 weeks left!. All the very best
  12. CANAM 2014

    2014 CanAm Update: This is just a general post until an official posting is put up as the CanAm starts to stand out as a stand alone organized event / group. It has been put to me on a few occasions by a few people as to who the team captains are and why I am not a captain because I have put so much time, money and effort into it for Canada this year. For one, I may have gotten the ball rolling but there have been a couple of others I have also leaned and received help from. Second, thank you very much folks but in my mind I have not earned it as I have only been with this event for a handful of years. Here is what and why this years team captains have been chosen. Again, for future CanAm's this process will become solidified and posted properly and talked about. To be a team captain: 1. Said person must have knowledge of sport 2. Said person must have involvement and understanding in either organizing and/or promotion of the event (or both) 3. Said person usually should be a participant As those are the three main criteria for that position (among other things), for the 2014 CanAm the team U.S.A. and team Canada Captains are Bob. Giordano and Vali. Both have put in previous years participation, hours of work and promotion of the CanAm. They have both been in this particular sport for many years, earned and gained so much respect and recognition just to name a few things. I personally would like to thank both Bob and Vali for everything they have done to help continue to make this event what it is! If there are any comments or questions with this years decision, please contact me directly. Tight lines and all the best! -- Martin H. J. McPetrie Strictly Fishing Ontario mmcpetrie@live.ca
  13. CANAM 2014

  14. CANAM 2014

    2014 CanAm Update: With less than only eight weeks away to the CanAm, we have confirmed locations / peg sites for the 2014 CanAm. Current updates: - no electricity at any site available (but generators allowed) - Out houses provided by Park's Department - Showers / bathrooms are a short drive from sites (located in other site) - there is currently enough room for 15 teams (of 2 per team) and more sites can be booked as needed! - all participants are asked to forward their license plate numbers for advanced parking permits (now free of charge for this event) by the Parks department - All payments should be sent to myself Martin or Bob) by June or ASAP to confirm your spot (Please read Event Information on the website!) - Shirt orders are going in June first (1st) to ensure all are done by event. If you have ordered or want to get that money in. - All payment options are available on the website (paypal / money order) - All sponsors should have their packs / donations in by June Thank you very much for all the interest as like in many past years, this is going to be a great time! We have posted a couple of pictures that Martin and Vali have provided of the locations and a rough look at water depths for site 'A' pegs. http://www.facebook.com/groups/ontariocarpanglingclub/permalink/328153784005504/ Regards, mmcpetrie http://canamcarping.webs.com/
  15. CANAM 2014

    2014 CanAm Update: Just a reminder as the 2014 CanAm is fast approaching (only two months left) and there is only two (2) weeks left to order your shirt(s)! Shirt details and ordering information can be found here: http://canamcarping.webs.com/show-it-off Peg draw: Due to the set up of the 2014 CanAm being in a 'group camp ground', everyone will be arriving at different times and will want to set up camp A.S.A.P. so we have decided that the peg draws will take place about one (1) week prior to the CanAm over the phone between Bob and myself. All results will be posted on the CanAm website (http://canamcarping.webs.com/2014-teams ) and someone will be directing those of you to your site as well upon arrival. (there will be no allowances or special requests this year for fishing along side others or switching pegs to simplify this process. Thank you!)