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  1. And when I do run into the guy the authorities will be called down worry bout that
  2. Calling who out the guy said all prior attacks will be removed this whole post is an attack keep your 2 cents to your self
  3. Why don't you try deleting the post then? Those are pictures I posted on Facebook i didnt give any permission to anyone to post them.. tony has sent me threats and messages about never returning to camebridge even tho I left no garbage this whole post is a personal attack on me and the carp anglers group does nothing about it
  4. I fished there canada day their was the owners and 200 people watching fireworks
  5. Just letting everyone know the big fish pot will be $10 only people in the pot will be eligible for prizes .. Good luck all hope to see you there
  6. Thank you for posting Lorne.... Hope to see some fellow carp anglers take part in this ... The biggest fish pot will be $10 that will make you eligible for all prizes
  7. Nice fish Lorne my friend Jer got 2 down on woodward Monday too
  8. Mgreen

    first febuary carp

    Thanks mark .. Catching a mirror was my goal this year now I need to think of a new goal didnt expect to get one so fast
  9. Mgreen

    first febuary carp

    Thanks mike it was amazing I almost gave her a kiss .. This is a fish ill remember for a life time
  10. Mgreen

    first febuary carp

    Thanks guys .. She was a stunner 2nd fish to hit my new mat
  11. hey everyone ive been fishing some of our open water swims this week when i noticed the ice had gone, i spent a lot of time on the bank without even getting a line bump, yesterday i landed my first febuary carp and was over joyed when it hit the mat, this wasnt only my first febuary carp it was my first mirror.. she was 13.5lbs and fully scaled
  12. Great video, ill be trying this
  13. I plan on giving it a good try this year everytime I go for panfish or pike I'm going to have a rod for carp ... Good thing about ice fishing is your allowed 2 rods.. Ill keep you posted on my success or failure
  14. Haha good job buddy nothing like getting a HH monster on a 2 foot rod
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