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  1. Nice fish mike. Thats what i need to do after this heat wave we are having. Get to the lake to cool off and catch carp.
  2. Hi ken. Just looking at your profile on your post if anyone is a outdoors man you are. Maybe you should also put in writer. Great write up and nice job with the fish. Yeah and you have fishing in your blood, after being away from it for a while i never stopped thinking about it and great to be back in the carp action you said it. Up here in canada and i maybe iam wrong in the US too carp fishing is still in its young years but it always gets me the people that gather around when the fight is on and you land it. With my self where i fish there are more and more people catching carp now and taking them home to eat. I dont have a problem with that its there fish its up to them. Iam CPR. But i find the fishing dries up at these spots so i have to keep moving around a lot. I am lucky that there are a lot of steelhead, salmon and trout near to where i live. I think i should give that a go to round me out a bit at some point. But you have gotta luv carp fishing. All the luck to you Ken take care.
  3. Hey Brian The rod i have been using is a 13ft jaxon medium action carp float rod. I have a few rods with the same action and size from the uk. I mignt not be the greatest make but it has landed all my carp with my pb being a 29lb common. Its kinda funny how you get attatched to one rod and if you use another in its place for the same style of fishing it doesnt feel right. well thats me. Also i find a rod that is around 12ft or longer is great for picking the line up off the water fast at a distance with a float. As you know the faster you react to the bite the more chance you have at hooking it. I do find that i miss more bites at distance with a shorter rods. Not to mention longer casts and having a longer rod adds more spring against the fighting carp. Float fishing isn't for everyone and not everyone wants to sit and watch a float but when the action starts its great.
  4. Thought i would give my old haunt another go as its been a while. Fired some corn out and set up the float rod. Cast the float past the baited spot then brought it over the free offerings. About 20mins later the float sank then came up again as it sank the second time i struck and the fight was on. After about 5mins i heard a CRACK.. My rod was snaped in half on the middle section. Landed 3 years of carp on this rod and never had a problem FRACK. Managed to land the carp with only the top section. Not a big carp and still carnt figure why my rod would snap with a clean break in half. After i got home i cut about 6 inches off the rod at the break and cleaned up the ends and JB welded the broken middle sections together one inside the other. Now i have a 12 1/2 ft rod. The next morning out again to the same spot and landed 3 carp on the float on the same rod The rod works great, the biggest carp was 23lb Glad it still works. Hope it still keeps bringing them in.
  5. Thats a nice Mirror Lorne.
  6. Sorry to see you go shawn great vids met you at harwood what ever happend to make you feel this way its not worth it. keep fishing don't hold a grudge lifes too short.
  7. No Lorne it must have looked like that the way the light was reflecting off the fish. sorry could have been a better picture.
  8. Arvand Yeah that was me with the little lad. Its a great place to catch the only problem now is that it is plasterd with no parking signs. So you can risk getting a fine or you have to park by the hall and walk in. I travel lite and walk down. But it will be worth the ticket if you split it betwen a bunch of guys. Here are a few pics from there.
  9. Wicked vids. would love to go there.
  10. Next time you come up to the second spot, fish right behind where you fished guys. with sweet corn. You will have a blast. :Banana: By the way my photo is a small mirror from there.
  11. Hi Shawn. Ive got the same dvd funny enough watched nash rigs evolution this morning along with reading fox modern carp fishing. The dvds dont work on my sony dvd player but will work on a cheep Apex for around $20 from wally walmart. All my european dvds will work on this also. PS. not a blue ray player, sorry.
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