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  1. Bivvy town at the ccc.

    We'll be there late Fri afternoon
  2. CCC Participants

    Will be there sometime Fri. afternoon/early evening
  3. 2013 CCC Agenda and Hotel info.

    Sweet !!! Saves me from packing mine
  4. 2013 CCC Agenda and Hotel info.

    So does this mean you have some Pre-Set Bivvys still available?
  5. 2013 CCC 3 Person Team Competition

    Anyone still looking for a Team Mate let me know..... I'm willing to give it a go! Will be at Bivvy Town Fri.
  6. 2013 CCC Agenda and Hotel info.

    Jim, Any Pre Set Bivvys still available? If so put me down for one!! If not let me know so I can pack mine.. Thanks !! See ya Fri.
  7. Glad to be BACK !!!!