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    I love loud music, wine gums, large fish, real ales, mountains and your mom.

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  1. lesok08

    Float Fishing the margins

    The most entertaining way to catch if you ask me! Would love to find some tench as well!
  2. lesok08

    finally, a mirror!

    I know, I didn't think they were in this lake but I lucked out! I've seen a few ghost carp in there too I'd love to catch, but we'll see how the summer treats me.
  3. I finally managed my first mirror! And a lovely fully scaled one it was! Over the past two days i have bested my sad pb, first with a12.5lb common and then a 13.3lb mirror:)
  4. lesok08

    Cottonseed Cake

    I am not 100% sure because of the lauguage barrier, but it looked like maybe it was the leftovers after they had been pressed for oil. They were block of maybe two inches square, with several hooks about size 10 around it. It didnt look particularly effective, but every sporting good store I went to had them pre rigged. These were all casted on a handline and left to sit tied off to a sort of a bank stick with bells on the top.
  5. lesok08

    Cottonseed Cake

    Slightly off topic, but when i was stationed in Turkey the locals used blocks of sunflower similar to the cottonseed cakes. It was all i ever saw anyone use for carp there. Seems effective as both will have a lot of oil, so I'm sure they bring fish in.
  6. lesok08

    sweet corn vs boilies

    So I haven't been at this carp too very long, at least not as my main target species. But one thing I have noticed is that sweet corn is crushing any of my home made boilie recipes. I'll fish two rods one with corn and one with boilies, and I never get a touch on the boilie rod and the other will be going off constantly. Is this a normal thing in places that carp haven't learned to eat boilies? I can't really complain,I have done outstanding on flavored sweet corn, but I was curious if this is normal.
  7. lesok08

    Euro rods, circle hooks, and alarms

    Opry, I bought a diawa mad dragon carp rod from bass pro...it cost about $60. It is a decent basic euro style rod. The plus to using the long rod is that a: you improve your casting distance and b:a long rod acts as a shock absorber. The other fun plus is that it gives the fish more leverage so the battles are a bit more fun. I am new ish to carp fishing as well and i don't use a bite alarm, being as I only fish one rod at a time I don't need it yet. Once i expand out to a rod pod and multiple rods I'll look into it.
  8. lesok08

    starting to get the hang of this!

    Thanks for the tip, haven't tried prince yet but it isn't far so I'll have to try it!
  9. well I have been in Hampton VA for a year this week, and I am finally devoting some time specifically to Carp. I was using a short 7 foot rod I had bought for small salmon back in Washington, and a baitrunner from my time stationed in England. I caught about a dozen carp out of my local lake on that setup and it worked ok, but then i decided since they were mostly in the 5 to 6 pound range I would try my old ledger rod, which is 12' and 1.75 tc. Even with 6 pound test main line I still managed to break it like a dumb ass..on a 9 pound fish too, so not really even massive. I did find that my local bass pro has the diawa mad dragon though, so i took that out today and had 6 out, the largest around 9 and the one pictured being the smallest. All had huge bellies and looked like they are living well! They all came on two kernels of corn steeped in pineapple juice. I just did a simple running ledger sort of setup I think its called.. They lake seems stacked with two classes of 5 lb and 9 lb fish.. I know they're are larger in there, but I'm sure the bigger ones get culled out over time by the bow"fishermen". hopefully I can get into a double before the fall bite is over! At least the action is fast even if they aren't the biggest.. Best of luck to everyone else out there!!
  10. lesok08


    Both of those are from the UK, while i was stationed there a few years ago.the larger one was my first fish on the pole, and the smaller came out of a river while trotting a stick float for roach and rudd...I have yet to personally catch my first stateside tench...but the quest continues!
  11. lesok08


    Thought i would add a couple of photos of tench, they aren't massive, but i like their look.
  12. lesok08


    Thought i would add a couple of photos of tench, they aren't massive, but i like their look.
  13. lesok08

    Tench in USA

    I really like float fishing, and they are really cooperative usually. Plus they are really nice looking in their own way. Fishing for tench that have never been caught is really appealing as well. Its nice to show off perfect condition fish to my friends overseas I could bass fish, and i do, but they don't respond to feeding and are not nearly as fun IMO. That being said, I would never introduce them. Just looking to take advantage of existing populations!
  14. lesok08

    Tench in USA

    Haha!!! The federal govt stocked them around 1900 as well as carp, trying to find food fish to replace native stocks that were getting fished out. I know in Washington there are also some that descended from a batch displayed at the worlds fair in Seattle too.
  15. lesok08


    @mickey, thank you for the info! The sites in the threads seem to have fallen victim to the gvmt shutdown, but I'll check back on them. @andrewdeeley, the tench I have seen in Washington look like really solid fish for the most part. I wouldn't be disappointed in the least to catch one carp fishing. I'm really looking to find a lake in my area (VA) to target next summer specifically for them though. Thanks for the help everyone!