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  1. New PB 30+

    Yeah, Ian is 46" tall. His shoulders are 12" across....the carp from belly to back was nearly 15"!!! We had a couple upper teens and a 22. I also lost two fish due to those cheapo hooks that were included in the new member kit. There was a rough spot on the hook eyes and it wore through my leader on two hogs, one was a mid-20 and the other was high 20 or low 30. We had them near the net and they both popped off.
  2. New PB 30+

    Here's a little one from last week...
  3. Ohio petition for 3 rods:

    How? Indiana seems to do just fine. You can use all you want in Kentucky.
  4. Ohio petition for 3 rods:

    There is a petition going to allow the use of three rods in Ohio. https://www.change.org/p/ohio-department-of-natural-resources-change-the-legal-rod-limit-to-three-in-the-state-of-ohio#share
  5. The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    I'm hoping to actually make this one. An unexpected $3k tuition bill put a halt on last year's carpin' ambitions
  6. Ohio Members signed up for Midwest Regional So Far...

    What hotel do you guys plan to stay at Friday & Saturday? Someone posted about the Double Tree that is on the water. I just checked and it's $107/night. Any thoughts?
  7. Ohio 2014 Winter Social....

    Works for me.
  8. CANAM 2014

    Which side of the river this year?
  9. Received product today as advertised. Smooth transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to make a future purchase.
  10. Ohio Members signed up for Midwest Regional So Far...

    Who else is going to sign up? Rod??? C'mon man! What happened to Tim?
  11. Shimano Aero GT baitrunners

    PM sent
  12. Ohio 2014 Winter Social....

    I remember going there for Ak's going away thing. I almost suggested it but I don't think my stomach has recovered from the last time I ate there a couple weeks ago. Likely an isolated event, but wow! It was an awesome display of bodily functions
  13. The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Heck of an idea! I will not be getting much sleep.
  14. The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    F'n A!!!
  15. Ohio Members signed up for Midwest Regional So Far...

    Sounds good. I get off work at 12:30 m-f. So by the time I get home, load up and hit the road I probably won't be there until 6-7 Friday evening. That's assuming my wife and son are not tagging along. If they are, well....add another 5 hours