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  1. Steve Lilly

    2015 FFF on the GMR

    Is FFF the Federation of Fly Fishers?
  2. Steve Lilly

    English Johnny

    Try to cut and paste it as an internet address, it is worth the effort.
  3. Steve Lilly

    English Johnny

    Has anyone seen this video: http://viemo.com/18435660
  4. Steve Lilly

    Cincinnati Carp Fishing

    I look forward to joining you in a fish in. In time I hope to figure out how to catch some of these giant carp I see all the time in the Cincinnati Mill Creek and do it with my fly rod.
  5. Steve Lilly

    Cincinnati Carp Fishing

    My favorite stream for carp in Cincinnati is the Mill Creek, but I must admit I haven't had much success. However there are countless nuimbers of very large carp in the stream and plenty of public access.