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    Carp fishing.. camping... mudding.... learning new ways to fish to improve my catch rate....

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    maryville, tn.
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  1. mcmpondhopper


    Cool...here are few more early morning flies...
  2. mcmpondhopper


    K..I have a spot in mind I catch a quite of few on top water...I will let Ya know skeet3t... there is a spot justddown the road from where I live...me and mcwrestler..fishes.we caught a quite a few on top...
  3. mcmpondhopper


    Ya..blugill lovem... I gonna tie me some carp flies because before ssummer is up I wanna catch a carp on a fly rod....that's my goal...
  4. mcmpondhopper


  5. mcmpondhopper


    Couldn't sleep so I tied a few flies..
  6. Met up with Brad(mcwrestler) at a local swim..carp wasn't biting but had good time remembering the old days...got a cat on a pop up....it ran hard which was unusual for a cat in this swim....but still had fun...
  7. mcmpondhopper

    caught apr.25 31 in. long on a dough

    Thanks...it was a good fight....
  8. mcmpondhopper

    caught apr.25 31 in. long on a dough

    Another pic...sorry posting from a android phone....
  9. My brother is holding it for cause I busted my finger earlier that day....sorry no mat but the grass was soft and had a bucket of water.....
  10. Juicy tuity fruity flavor.. is what I meant to say in that one part....
  11. mcmpondhopper

    Best way to pic your spot to fish, what to look for?

    Thanks everyone...
  12. Tips welcome...I want your all's opinion...