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  1. Good day of river carpin..another 40 lber

    The deep brown in that tail is gorgeous. Good job.
  2. Yesterday On The River

    Awesome my friend sounds like you had a blast. I have yet to have a day like that this season. I'm hoping it happens soon.
  3. Small But Fun Gold

    It looks like you had a great time. I'd almost prefer 20 under 10 than one big 30. Beautiful fish. What were your bait choices for the day?
  4. Closest place for smallmouth buffalo?

    I would love too. I always wanted to fish lake fork out there. I'm hoping I can get out to western Pa this summer. I've seen a few guys get them out there in the forum.
  5. Palmer Ma spots.

    I have recently moved to Palmer ma. Never really fished up here for carp. Well today I got up early and started my Google maps app. I scouted about 11-12 ponds in the Ware/ sturbridge area and came up with nothing. Are there just no carp at all out my way. I was hoping to find a nice carp filled pond. Does anyone know of any spots out my way? Coming from Agawam and having the river in my backyard is definitely gonna be missed if this is the case.
  6. Closest place for smallmouth buffalo?

    Anyone know of the closest place/state to begin catching buffalo? I've been dying to catch one for about 7 years now. I think it's about time I make the trip. I'm in Ma btw.
  7. Josh From Western Ma

    Nice to meet ya josh. I think this year we'll take the record back for sure. I also fish the Ct river I have a few decent spots here in the agawam region.