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  1. Thanks FJR. Even though I joined this forum a few years ago, but I'm still a rookie. Had major health issues and haven't fished much at all. Would definitely like to see you guys in action one of these days.
  2. If the weather is decent, I'm hoping to drive down to watch and learn. I've never been to this type of tournament. Edit: It seems my post count was reset for some reason.
  3. In Illinois, it's on Fathers Day weekend this year. June 17-20, 2016
  4. Very nice fish and I'm impressed with your energy to get out there for an all-nighter and having to work the next day.
  5. Maybe the name of that fish should be changed to "Sore lips".
  6. Thank you for these videos accordbw. This is exactly what I need as so much of the terminology/technology you guys use is all new to me.
  7. Full members only for that link.
  8. Nice fist and great write-up. I really enjoy your writing style.
  9. Very nice fish, congrats.
  10. You not too far from the Mississippi River. I'm a rookie carp fisherman, but I've seen some monsters pulled out of there. I know they get very active after a barge full of corn goes by, there is always some that spills out.
  11. I'm just a beginner carp angler. I've only used corn or smushed up bread on a small hook and haven't had much luck. Can someone explain the reason and need for a hair rig? It seems like a lot of extra work. Thanks in advance. Edit: Never mind, I found the answer in the Carping Tutorials section of the forum.
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