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  1. In Illinois, it's on Fathers Day weekend this year. June 17-20, 2016
  2. Fishing in the Dark!

    Very nice fish and I'm impressed with your energy to get out there for an all-nighter and having to work the next day.
  3. "Two-Tone" Recaptures...

    Maybe the name of that fish should be changed to "Sore lips".
  4. Thank you for these videos accordbw. This is exactly what I need as so much of the terminology/technology you guys use is all new to me.
  5. One level below beginner

    Full members only for that link.
  6. A Peculiar Combination

    Nice fist and great write-up. I really enjoy your writing style.
  7. 3x koi + other fish!

    Very nice fish, congrats.
  8. can you recomend a spot

    You not too far from the Mississippi River. I'm a rookie carp fisherman, but I've seen some monsters pulled out of there. I know they get very active after a barge full of corn goes by, there is always some that spills out.
  9. Rock river Aug. 13

    Nice fish Jim.
  10. Slow Day But Managed a Nice 18 Pounder

    Nice fish Brian.
  11. How to Tie an Adjustable Hair Rig

    Thanks Luke. Jerry
  12. How to Tie an Adjustable Hair Rig

    I'm just a beginner carp angler. I've only used corn or smushed up bread on a small hook and haven't had much luck. Can someone explain the reason and need for a hair rig? It seems like a lot of extra work. Thanks in advance. Edit: Never mind, I found the answer in the Carping Tutorials section of the forum.