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  1. Yeah I fish the creek now but it's just so far and I'm trying to get some alternative spots
  2. Hey I love to fish smaller lakes and ponds I have one around my house if love specific spots , that is if you feel alright about it : also spots with koi in them are a big plus for me Thanks again for all of the infoi would love to fish around the peninsula too but I don't think there are any spots near there
  3. All around the bay mostly I the San Jose and east Bay Area
  4. Hey guys I have limited spots around the Bay Area and I would like to increase my Index if anybody has any spots with respectable fish in it I would really appreciate the information Thanks,
  5. Hey guys new to this site and have only carp fished for around a year and my knowledge of carp spots around the Bay Area are minimal I was also wondering if there were places to catch tench and suckers around here Thanks!
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