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  1. NH new guy checking in with PB

    Got my spot in same area you're in and in May-June when the water was even lower than now I baited maybe 40-50 yards down from where I had been doing real well in Aug. - Sept. and my friend got a 26/lb...........I may need to bait that for this weekend...........
  2. NH new guy checking in with PB

    Nice job!! Especially with the sudden big change in water levels. Baited up my spot W-T got there Sat. am and couldn't believe how it dropped........messed up the swim for sure..........Maybe you picked up some drop backs?? Nice fish! Will
  3. NH Fall Fish-In

    Will probably be in...
  4. MA CAG Fish-In Saturday August 29th?

    Nice day good time. Good to meet some new people and see some others again.
  5. MA CAG Fish-In Saturday August 29th?

    When do you send out location and can you start earlier than 7:30 if you want.....just a get together ...right?
  6. RI CAG Announces Winners in Big 3 Toournament

    Very nice fish, impressive numbers.

    Interesting. I did notice on BCT looking for scents/flavors lots Mulberry one's. Kinda did it on a lark but got me thinking when I got some response from fish. Thx

    Do to a miss communication we were a bit short on bait (I usually have 2/lb corn / 1/lb garbonzo) but figured my friend had been boiling up a ton of corn mix so left it anyway came up short and started thinking. Had half a blueberry muffin and we were close to being out of everything else so I made a ball of it and sqished over lead on helicoptor rig.. Go a couple micro runs and alarm beeps but no hook sets. Has anyone use anything w/ blueberries w/ success....??

    2nd week of pre-baiting some river spots close to me to hit after work. Last week picked a river spot I have hunted and fished (Not carp) for many years. Picked a long deeper section and loaded up last Wed. w/ 3-4/lb of corn/garbozo beans and particles (Section for only 2 people tops), then same Friday (All after work in afternoon) then fished it this Monday. Lots of little taps and a Fall Fish. Moved to Merrimack River and started loading up yesterday and will follow suit w/ tomorrow and then fish it Monday after work. So any rule of thumb like less pre-baiting add more bait per baiting or better w/ everyday and less bait?? My 1st location was more experimental but 2nd I know it has carp in area just need to pull in w/ baiting FYI, focusing on rivers as I don't know of many pond,lakes w/ carp or good access in my area. Thx
  10. New Venue

    Nice going while I was gone....Only redfish in FLA. for me!! See you on the bank next weekend!!
  11. First Koi

    Very kool fish!!
  12. Wow that's the wildest looking mirror pic I seen on here.......such a cool looking fish!!
  13. Finding fish

    I was only tossing mine maybe 40yd out but I could see if bombing way out finger stall would be key... Seen them about $8 @ BCT... Need to get one to keep in carp pack........
  14. Finding fish

    Love the spomb....got the Midi and played around w/ it a bit...Nice.