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  1. Chrismac

    Carp fishing in Washington state

    Hi pm me I live in maple valley would be cool to have another carper near by ? I'm British too
  2. Chrismac

    Any carp fisherman on the area ?

    Brilliant pictures there ! If you come over again look me up ? I'm originally from the uk too . Also if anyone else out there would like to go fishing lets do it ? Carp get far too much bad publicity in this state
  3. Chrismac

    Carping Washington State

    Live near seattle here !! Been fishing for carp for the last 5 years , catch and release is the only way I fish ! Caught them out of Green lake , lake tapps , lake sammamish , lake Washington is so huge I don't know where to begin ? just started hitting the east side last year where I had very productive days out of Moses lake . Anyone else out there that knows of any good places ?
  4. spring is nearly here ... Any fellow carpers in western Wa ?