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  1. Christopher Hall

    Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    I'd go C then!
  2. Christopher Hall

    NECC - Program

    Hi Iain, I just wanted to thank you and the CAG team for your efforts today. My Son, John(6), and I came along and we had a great time. I wish I could have stayed longer and spoken to more people but the combinations of a 6 year old's attention span, choir practice and football curtailed our time. John is delighted to have his first carp rod and has just kissed it good night. He also just drew me a carp. Thank you for helping build the next generation of American Carpers! Cheers
  3. Christopher Hall

    South Eastern Connecticut

    Thank you both. The conference is on the calendar now, I'm looking forward to it. Iain, congratulations on the CT regulation changes you announced this week. Something to be very proud of.
  4. Christopher Hall

    South Eastern Connecticut

    Hello, my first post on this forum. I'm in South Eastern Connecticut (stamford) and it appears that all the good fishing in CT is at least an hour away from me. I thought the Wire Mill Pond in Georgetown ways going to be my ticket, but the whole lake seems to be shut off these days. Unfortunately, I have a young family, so it's tough for me to get to some of the more "famous" spots in CT. I suspect most of the good spots near me are in NY. I need a place that's within 30 minutes of me for post work sessions. There's a nice little pond in Fairfield where I take my kids (they both now caught and returned their first carp), but the fish seem to top out at around 10lbs. It fishes almost like a commercial fishery back in the UK. Also interested in fishing together if anyone fishes near me. I feel like a right weirdo sometimes fishing for carp on my own when people ask! I'm hoping to come to the event in Middletown on the 21st of April. Finally, a bit of a disclaimer, I'm a dedicated float, floater and stalker. Find it hard to sit still behind a rod pod for hours. Anyway, now you all know most of my quirks, would really appreciate any suggestions.