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  1. Erik Sevo

    New to carping, forum

    Hey thanks. Reply to your email just sent
  2. Erik Sevo

    New to carping, forum

    Thanks Dave. I don't have a facebook otherwise I would. I have phone or email if either of those help. I'm up for fishing anywhere anytime I have a day off Eriksevo@gmail.com
  3. Erik Sevo

    New to carping, forum

    Thanks Brian. Exciting to hear that there are lots of people in the area. Thanks for the link I'll head over and check it out
  4. Hello! My name is Erik and I just started fishing for carp this spring. I don't know anyone else that does. I live in Bloomfield Hills and wouldn't mind meeting some new people and finding new fishing spots. What I've learned thus far is through trial/error and watching YouTube tips etc. I hope I've posted this in the right area, never really used a forum before.