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  1. Cheyenne Hooper Tennessee "It Doesn't Have to be Fun to be Fun" The FFF 2017 really started back in August for me when I went carp fishing for the first time. After fishing with my boyfriend and Dad several times for bass and only catching a bunch of little one pounders things got a little boring. When my Dad spotted several large carp in our city park lake we decided to try for them. After asking Mr. Google how to catch carp we began to wear them out, catching a dozen over 10 pounds every trip. Soon we all became addicted to carp fishing. Carp anglers are a different lot, but I must be the most different. You don't see many 19 year old sorority girls that are willing to brave the elements to carp fish. After my Dad ran into Charles Whitted and found out about the FFF i knew i wanted to fish it. Dad and Charles baited a spot for us all week and soon the day was here. The forecast called for rain all night with temps in the low forties and they got it right this time. It rained or drizzled all night. Fortunately Charles and Dad had set up canopys for us and that made things almost tolerable. The first rod was cast out at 11:58 and wouldn't you know it I had a carp on at 11:59 and 30 seconds. it was a 6 pounder that was a little over anxious and jumped the gun a bit, so it didn't count. In just a few minutes Charles had on and my alarm went off right after. My first fish weighed 14 lb 8 oz and was netted at 12:27. A pretty good start. The fish bit pretty steady for the first few hours and did not disappoint. In addition to the four carp, I caught one buffalo that weighed 10.1 lb, two blue catfish that weighed 17 lb 6 oz and 18 lb 15 oz, and one small chanel catfish. Altogether it was a great fishing trip. I broke my pb for blue catfish twice, my pb for buffalo, and 2nd place pb on carp. Many thanks to Charles Whitted for helping us out with knowledge and gear. We couldn't have done it with out you. Most people wouldn't think fishing in the dark, cold, and rain could be so fun. It reminds me of a quote by mountain climber Mark Twight, "It doesn't have to be Fun to be Fun". Indureing miserable conditions just makes for a better story and memories on down the road. You will always remember those trips in the cold driving rain when those bluebird days are long forgotten. ,Cheyenne Hooper
  2. Cheyenne Hooper

    Changing Forum Name

    My forum name is listed as John Hooper and I would like for it to be Cheyenne Hooper. John Hooper is my dad who registered me as a member.
  3. Cheyenne Hooper

    FFF 2017 - Post Sunrise and Snowcarp/Sandcarp Photos here!

    Not much of a sunrise as it was raining the whole night with temps in the low 40s. The fishing was good though. Got several PBs. Cheyenne Hooper Tennessee TVA Lake
  4. Cheyenne Hooper

    FFF 2017 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    Cheyenne Hooper 12 pound 8 ounce 5:14 am
  5. Cheyenne Hooper

    FFF 2017 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    Cheyenne Hooper 9 pound 8 ounce 12:54 am
  6. Cheyenne Hooper

    FFF 2017 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    Cheyenne Hooper 14 pound 8 ounce 12:27 am
  7. Cheyenne Hooper

    FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    Your CAG forum name: John Hooper (Cheyenne Hooper) Your state or province of residence:Tennessee The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Tennessee