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  1. Yes, in Pennsylvania the common carp is a naturalized species just like Brown Trout and a few others. They are perfectly fine being properly handled and released just as you would when returning a brown trout to fight again another day!
  2. 2018 was a very challenging year to try for carp in flowing water here in SC PA. I ended up fishing a lake near me that I'd never fished in for carp previously. The first day I was actually fly fishing for bluegills and noticed carp surfacing nearby, so I cast a few times in the direction and after letting the fly sink a bit I'd retrieve slowly. The ninth cast or so I saw the line twitch and was into a carp which 35 minutes later tipped the scale at 17 pounds. I went to the truck and got my carp rods out and threw in some pack bait for chum. Then I cast and waited. After an hour I finally got a screaming run and well I got worried several times after seeing the size of the fish that I would lose it. When I did bring it to net and weigh it, I realized I had a new personal best common at 40 pounds 1 ounce. That's the biggest there so far, but a few good ones were caught and I plan to fish it a lot next season. There still are some big fish around even though many fall to those ignorant bow hunting f**** I wish people would all respect wildlife but I guess there will always be those who kill just for fun.
  3. Three years later I stumble into this forum and see a lot of old activity (dates) posted a while back, but here goes: Paul Merritt here, I am a transplant from Edinboro Pa now live in Carlisle, Pa. I still live in some good carp fishing area so looking forward to catching some bigguns! I recently started getting interested (more seriously) in carp fishing on purpose. I have caught a few big carp on fly tackle over the years since I began fly fishing in the 70's. I have made some boilies, and gathered the makins for some pack bate to try out over at Pinchot, Marburg, Memorial Lake, Raystown, Juniata River, and the Susquehanna. If I ever get enough time, I may venture over to Ontelaunee or the 'kill. I like reading online about carp tackleand methodology, so am enjoying the learning experience. I am C&R 100% so I made my own unhooking mat / weigh sling....but still need a good net, chair(s) and TIME.....PLENTY OF TIME!!!!!
  4. WOW its been a long wait for this advice, but try the Skyulkill river. It harbors some real lunkers where you find the right flows!
  5. I recently got interested in carp fishing with spinning tackle and hair rigs, boilies, and the like, so logic led me want to have an unhooking mat. I looked at the ones commercially available, and didn't want to pay the price they wanted for both a mat and a weigh sling together, so I made 2 which can be used for both tasks quickly. The total cost turned out to be around $30 but I made 2 for that price, so I can get a friend into this sport and provide him (or her) one. Mine simply fold up, and have a 1/2" thick padded center. Might want to entertain the idea for your solution.....
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