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  1. Jeff Conroy

    FFF 2019 - Register Here!

    I would like to participate! Your name: Jeff Conroy Your CAG forum name:Jeff Conroy Your state or province of residence: IL The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:
  2. Jeff Conroy


    This 22lb 9oz common was caught during the 6th Annual 5 Bridges Carp Tournament in the Lincoln Park Lagoon, on the Chicago lakefront. 5/19. Took "Biggest Fish" prize. Sorry my scale is hard to see, hook is hanging from my collar.
  3. Thanks again Larry, I had a great time, hope you're feeling better.
  4. Fyi, I stopped in to Fish Tech in Morton Grove to pick up a few things and met with their carp Guru Joesf Settele. He was on the reserve list but will be unable to attend. He was kind enough to donate a gently used plastic Wacker box to house your hooks, swivels, and assorted goodies to the prize list. Josef's box will go to whomever catches the smallest carp. See you Saturday!
  5. Tournament only a few weeks away, psyched to hit the Lagoon! I saw you were posting the rules, possibly Monday? Are they being posted today?
  6. Want to sign up for the Oct 28th Carp Tourney! Thanks! Jeff Conroy