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Found 12 results

  1. Rex Broadbent

    Using New Pack Bait

    Had a nice day fishing at a new spot with a new bread crumb, sweet corn and jello pack bait. Caught nice 10 pound mirror and a small bullhead. The middle of the day on really hot days seems to be producing the most bites and hookups. Video soon to come
  2. MoCarp

    Cold weather baits

    Many times this time of year can be a tough time for carp, lots of junk (chod) can blow it making it hard or uncomfortable for carp to feed on bottom so step one is find a location the carp are feeding, scanning the area with binoculars for breaches...also looking at winds and currents to see where leaves and other debris accumulate..these are areas to avoid this time of year..also wafers or pop ups are your friend...other than a single pop up plastic corn on a chod or KD rig...I also like a soft dough on a hair rigged spring...below is one that has worked for me 2 cups of wheaties brand cereal whizzed to a powder in a blender.... 1/3 cup of carnation milk powder...2 table spoons of schnapps....1 pack of strawberry or pineapple jello and the juice of a couple cans of sweet corn mix all your drys in a ziplock bag and shake well then in a separate bowl drain the sweet corn and save the corn for chum in a blender mix the schnapps and corn juice you can add some dry aminos to your dry mix or liquid to your wets mix to a nice dough ..if its too wet add more wheaties powder roll into a big ball and put it on a plate and cover with a bowl and nuke it for 30 sec place in a ziplock with a wet paper towel in the fridge you can roll it in a ball and fish it like a boilee or on a hair rigged spring post up captures and enjoy!
  3. (TN) Cannonball

    Bait flavors!

    SWMBO and I were going to a baseball game of one of our grandsons. Another grandson called my wife and asked how much flavoring I used in corn. I told her that a few drops would be OK. Need to call my son and ask what is going on. We had a session last year but didn't catch anything. Like the Cubs and the World Series, this is the year!
  4. Billy

    Grass carp

    I have a big pond next to my house with huge grass carp. If I have to guess they are around 50 pounds. I have tried everything for bait and have had no luck. I have spent over two years trying to catch one out of my pond with no success. Any help??
  5. Trilogy Carp Baits

    Cold Water Baits by Trilogy

    Even though we are having a nice warm winter, the water temps have still dropped and you all know that you have to use bait designed for your water conditions; which is why you should be using bait that works well in cold water conditions. TRILOGY CARP BAITS has some of the MOST PRODUCTIVE cold water baits there are! Not only have these flavors worked well in warm water conditions, they are also PROVEN cold water flavors. Dont blank on the bank because you are using the wrong bait. Let TRILOGY CARP BAITS help you put Carp on your mat. Here are our TOP PRODUCERS in cold water: TOURNAMENT CORN: Michigan Moonshine Wild Whiskey Sweet Anise Wild Peach Berry GROUNDBAITS: Cold Water Anise Mollasses Green Lipped Mussel Visit us at www.trilogycarpbaits.com
  6. zippyFX

    Spring maize mix

    Hi all, In the dog days of winter I find my thoughts turning to spring carp at ice out... Sigh.... Last season I started preparing my own maize, plain mostly but I was thinking of being more creative this time around. I picked up a pressure cooker as boiling it on my bbq was proving to take way too long. I will be starting it on the stove and then continuing on the bbq this spring. Are there any suggestions for flavourings while it boils? I was thinking of something salty like fermented soy bean paste. How about after it is done? I know there are commercial mixes available but I was thinking of something more home made. Is there a flavour better suited to spring? I once read that stong spices like tumeric and curry would be good. I am also collecting stale bread for some pack/ground bait... I was thinking of doing something supper sweet like aspertame, jello and some protien like canned luncheon meat? Any thoughts?
  7. (TN) Cannonball

    Bait jars

    I had been using our plastic storage containers that we use in the kitchen. However, the snap-on lids leak! I checked online for plastic jars with screw on lids and found that I would have to buy large quantities, some a minimum of six dozen! Checking around our local stores, I found that Hobby Lobby stocks a 4-pack of jars for $4.99; stock number 767772. These are found in the sewing section of the store. Going to put them to good use soon, I hope!
  8. Hello . I have a big bait lot for sale . PLEASE do not ask me to break it appart because i won't . I will sell it as a lot . I have spent probably between 5-$600 for this as most of the baits i have purchased from Europe. For the SBS jars alone i spent more than $150...Most of them are full or used 10-20% . I guarantee the quality of the baits . I am asking $250 for everything shipping included in continental US. It is half the price and i know that it is so hard to buy european bait in US right now . Thank you Dynamite baits Pop-ups Robin red . Red fish . Robin red fluoro . GLM . Spicy peanut . Banana crunch . Peach mango Boilies Glm - 1 kg . Robin Red half bag . Spicy peanut 1kg . Mainline --Pop-ups Plum dumbell . Tiger nut 15mm . Proactive pineapple 15 mm. Pineapple dumbels . Toffee 12mm pineapple 12 mm . --Response flavor spice B .pineapple --Hook bait enhance system Tiger nut . Pineapple -- boilies Tutti frutti 1kg , pineapple banana 1/2 kg , -Betain green liquid green , the source 10 mm boilies sweetcorn-200g sealed Richworth --Pop-ups Salmon supreme -- boilies pallets XLR8 . Pineapple hawaian SBS Baits !! --premium Popups Big fish mix pop . M2 mix pop . Corn shaped poppers x2 - lobeworm ,pineapple ,flomino pop -- boilies Sinker corn shaped -corn -- double trick boilies - av2 . Fruit& nut. All season corn . ( they are 16 mm hard boilies wrapped arround in 4mm soulble ) size 20 mm !!!!!! Mini boiles -big fish Solar boilies 1kg - squid octopus Essential baits corker popups black snail Esential baits black snail pellets Sticky baits popups - peach pepper Ccmoore - wafters Ccmoore popups E-Gage XP Nash soluballs - 1kg scopex squid 22- jars of pop-ups 1-wafter 6 -jars of boilies double trick and sinker corn shapped 6- flavors attractants 10 -bags of boilies
  9. jgrover

    Trout Pellets

    Quick question for anyone around the DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. Does anyone know where you can buy sacks (25kg and above) of sinking trout pellets and also good quality bird food? Cheers James
  10. (TN) Cannonball

    Warm weather is here!

    I have been watching the weather with the snow expected here in SE TN for the next couple of days. Running forward for the ten day forecast shows temps in the 50s for next week. I plan to start baiting Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon and fishing Tuesday. I'll be fishing at the boat ramp in Calhoun, TN. If anyone would care to join me, send me a PM. It's just off Highway 11 on the north side of the river. Turn alongside Hardee's and take the first right past the RR overpass. Go to the end of the street and take a left (the only way you can go). The boat ramp is about 3/4 mile on the right. I have a grey Honda van.
  11. parksy

    Winter pop up tip

    http://bigcarpnews.com/web/winter-pop-up-tip-by-craig-brit-parkes/ recent article on fishing pop ups in winter with an edge
  12. (CT) Savayman

    Bait Box Selections...

    Here are some great reasons to add some imitation plastic baits to your kit... - On their own over method or pack mixes they make an ideal 'pick-up' - Especially with soft baits or boilie pop-ups they help keep the bait on the hair or the hook. - In combination with the real thing they can provide a balanced bait effect. - The bright fluorescent colors of the imitation corn can be a winner for added attraction to make hook baits really stand out. - Bait Logic offer two convenient sized boxes holding a selection of Mimik imitation baits Each box offers a selection of Critical (neutral buoyancy) & Pop-Up Corn plus imitation Pellets, Tiger Nuts, Chum Mixer and Maize, while the large box has more Corn color choices plus fluoro Maggots and an incredibly realistic Floating Bread imitation. Great Savings! - Not only will you save on real bait but the Box selections of Mimiks also represent a saving of nearly 20 - 25% over individual packs plus you get the handy compartment box free! For more details and your local dealer outlet: http://saxontackle.com/?page_id=1398