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Found 7 results

  1. Carp flies

    Catching a carp on the skinny stick is one of the things I have on the "To-Do" list for this year. I happened to look at the good forum for tying flies and noticed a carp fly on Fly Tying Forum. Had a pattern on the website but couldn't copy-and-paste to make a link. I think it was called Carp Fruit- colored deer hair pattern. Couldn't find it on the FTF forum. It was a picture at the top of the home page with some other flies.
  2. Total disaster today!

    OK, I got the bright idea of going to my backwater spot and trying to see what I could do with a fly rod. I rigged up last night with a tippet of 10 lb. Stren and a heavy #6 hook. I got a small bottle with some flavored sweet corn, bottle of Berkeley Gulp, and two pieces of artificial corn, courtesy of Evan C. I made sure I took my net as It would be hard to lift even a smallish carp with the rod or leader. My rod is an old 8 ft. 8 wt. Ted William fiberglass rod that was my father's. Any way, I took off as SWMBO was going to a baby shower. FWIW, my name was also on the invitation but no way that I'm going. Here's what happened in the order of events: 1. Naturally the wind picked up and was fickle, coming from the east, west, or north at various times. This rippled the water so bad that I couldn't see mud trails, let alone see feeding fish. I had polarized sunglasses but they were useless. Ever try casting in to a constant 20 mph wind? 2. Sweet corn doesn't stay on the hook which is what I expected. 3. The last straw was standing and seeing if I could get a run. Didn't realize until later that I was using a bare hook. I saw something on the end of the middle section of the rod. I thought it was a piece of lint or whatever. Closer inspection showed that the rod had been crushed on both sides! I called it quits then as I knew as soon as I had a fish on, I would have a four piece rod, with one piece being about 7 inches long. I do take this an excuse to build another rod in 8 or 9 wt. 4. I will look into the artificial corn or the Berkley Gulp as it should stay on the hook during a cast. My other idea was a dip type fly- cotton wrapped around the hook and tied tight on the ends with loose wraps in the middle. Then dip or soak it in a concentrated flavor as caramel, anise, raspberry, etc. You get the idea. If any one else wants to try the cotton fly, go for it! I'm going to experiment with some sponge that we have to see if it floats or sinks when saturated. Back home now and I think I'll go upstairs, turn on the TV and watch the Braves get shellacked again. Tight lines and screaming alarms!
  3. Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing - Mirror Lake - Bass and Bluegill:
  4. Carp on the fly in Korea

    OK, I'm going to have to do this the hard way of copying the URL and placing it here for you to cut-and-paste. It is an outstanding video plus the music really sets the mood of the "quiet sport." https://youtube.com/watch?v=WnIvE8o24HM ?????I did the URL the long way, clicked on enter and it made a link. Still can't go through the regular way, though.
  5. "From Shanghai, China with Love" [Tribute to Gong Lei: I am truly in awe!!! Not only is Gong catching Trophy fish of a lifetime almost daily, but they are consistently the work of grandeur, what stories are made of... Respect!
  6. Carp Videos

    I am new to this forum and love Carp Fishing! Tight Lines To All!
  7. New to Carp Fishing DC area

    Hello, I am new to carp fishing, and am looking for places in the DC, MD, VA area to fish for them. I am a little crazier than your average carp fisherman because I am trying to catch them with a fly rod. I have a lot of experience fly fishing, and am hearing that carp are very fun and challenging on the fly. Does anyone have some recommendations on places I might want to fly fish for carp? If you're not familiar, I'm looking for places where carp can be seen feeding in shallow water so that a fly can be sight cast in front of them on their "dinner plate" I'm interested in any river, lake, pond, ditch you can recommend with an hour or so from Northern VA. Thanks for your help! Matt