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Found 4 results

  1. So.........while I had just set my rigs a couple days ago, I noted some discreet ripples near shore, so I stalked closer and found a single goldfish lazily swimming, so i attempted to catch it. It wasn't afraid and kept along the shoreline, ebbing back and forth with each ripple. i carefully placed my method pack and hair close to where i anticipated the fish to go, and after only a couple minutes, it grabbed the corn (almost as big as it was) and flipped the whole rig onto a shallow rock!. before I could lift the rod, it slipped back into the water, where I easily netted it. Unfortunately, the fish didn't register on the scale. It was a significant capture!- only my third goldfish, and first that wasn't gluten free!!......I carefully released it, but it didn't swim away; it rolled several times, then settled back into the abyss, but later swam away (or was eaten by bluegills ) ...not sure the video comes through...........enjoy your memorial day weekend-thanks to all who have let us fish for carp!!!.... MO IMG_8923[1].MOV
  2. So.........this afternoons session included a channel cat of about 3lbs, and then this fantailed goldfish.......very pretty and obviously a pretty smart fish to survive!!....too bad it doesn't count in CAG Big Four!!!
  3. Hello all!!. Weeeelllllll, we had all-time historic flooding in KC so it put the clamp on creek fishing, so I had no choice but to fish flooded ponds and focused on tying more hair-rigs, which I just hadn't refined and been successful on ( I've caught a total of 3, yes 3! carp on hair rigs in the past year and have been very disheartened, but this week has been different!.....One afternoon I caught 6 carp,(ranging from 2-6lbs) this 2lb 15oz goldfish, 2 snapping turtles, and 3 channel catfish, -one half on a hair rig, and the others on the subtle bit technique including 2 doubles! (cat/carp and goldfish/carp)......then, yesterday caught this lone 2lb 13oz carp on a hair, and today, finally, this last pic of a nice carp- 14-1, (with a squared tail) on the hair, plus one catfish and one smaller carp (~2lbs) that I didn't get a picture of........the method was the same- 30g ribbed method feeder packed with a combo of panko, sweetcorn, sweetcorn juice, and strawberry jello, with a very short (3-4") hook link, a piece of fake corn with a piece of sweetcorn and the eye buried in the pack...........worked well and gave me some confidence as I shift to nighttime lake fishing!!.......appreciate the forums and advice -it all helps!!!!
  4. I haven't posted in a bit so i thought i would share a few recent fish from a couple different sessions. First i will post up pictures of a few koi and goldfish that brendan and i have had! Brendan picked up a few koi that we have been targeting for a year now, someone finally caught them lol! Usually the commons in here are the only fish that want to feed. Koi brendan named Farcus The one we named Monsanto Beautiful fantail goldfish! Here are a few decent commons from a couple recent sessions, with a couple buffalo thrown in! 27lb+ 22lb+ 21lb+ Buffalo We are both very much so looking forward to the fall fishing hoping it produces some good fish! Will be posting more regularly just been lately so haven't had the time.
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