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Re-populating the missing thread pages/content.



I was posting  on an old thread that I started in an effort to get folks to continue posting on it and noticed after I submitted the reply....the pages that were missing repopulated and  the content restored.

I tried it on other threads that were  from the time frame affected by the  upgrade/content loss that I knew had a lot more posts than were showing and had the same thing happen and the missing content re-populated. I noticed I could do it with a single letter post then delete my post and the re-populated content remained.

Is it just me, and the content was there and some setting hid it on my end....or does this actually work and is there a faster way to do this to all the threads?

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I did some more digging into this and found that the site "Archives" old content to reduce server load. But it will bring back content if somebody (like you did) reply to a thread.

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