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CAG Forum Guidelines and Rules

CAG Forum Guidelines and Rules

Zero Tolerance Rules Are:

1. No Profanity
2. No Personal Attacks, Threats, or Intimidation
3. No Pornography

The Following topics and discussions; references, pictures or links to or about them are only allowed in the Members Only, Off Topic Section:

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Bow-fishing

Please note that these rules apply to posts as well as anything publicly displayed on the forum (i.e. profiles, member titles, avatars, photos, signatures, et al.).

Profanity will not be allowed on the forum. We have young members on the forum and as responsible Adults and Anglers it's up to us to set good examples for junior members. Judgment calls will be made by the Mod team based on the PG-13 standard as to post content.

Expletives or Implied Expletives
The Moderating Team reserves the right to delete any derogatory word or phrase, and in some cases whole post containing such words or phrases without notice to the author. The use of phonetics to disguise curse words will also result in the whole post being deleted without notice to the author

Product Marketing
No direct product advertising or product marketing except by our paid Bait and Tackle Members will be allowed on the forum.
The anglers on our site carry great value and purchasing power. If you want to showcase your tackle business please contact
cagstaff@carpanglersgroup.com for more information.

Personal signatures are permitted, but should be maintained at a reasonable size. Those members with large oversized flashing billboards will be asked to please resize their signatures. If the member does not comply the Mod staff will resize the signature and give a first warning. The Mod staff reserves the right to delete any URL that leads to any site that breaks any of the Zero Tolerance Rules

Members with complaints should either PM or e-mail the Mod team at
mods@carpanglersgroup.com . The Mod team treats each complaint as serious; we will give a complaint prompt attention in hopes that by solving a small problem we avoid larger problems.

Any act by one member that compromises another member's dignity; causing embarrassment or shame in public; causing the person to be the object of malicious amusement or ridicule, or causing psychological harm and/or substantial emotional strain is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Hijacking/Off Topic Rule
Member/Members attempting to intentionally hi-jack or disrupt the topic flow of a thread will have their post deleted and may receive a warning.

Negative Communications
Personal disputes, back and forth bickering, name-calling and other negative communications that fall outside of friendly "banter", or "picking" will NOT be tolerated on the open forum. This type of post can and will be removed with a warning being issued to the poster. There will be two warnings given by the Moderating Team with possible disciplinary action taken thereafter.

Misuse of Forum
You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Forum, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to Forum, through hacking, password mining or any other means, nor may you give such unauthorized access to others through your account. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available through the Forum. A user violating these rules will be permanently banned without any warnings.

Moderator's Authority
The Carp Anglers Group Board of Directors has given the Mod Team the authority to oversee the CAG forum and police its many threads and posts. With this in mind, the members of the Carp Anglers Group are expected to show respect and a sense of cooperation when dealing with the Moderators. Open disputes and criticism of Moderators on the open forum will NOT be tolerated. Retaliatory topics such as "Why was my thread deleted (or any such topic)" will be deleted without question. Failing to follow mods directives will result in two warnings with possible disciplinary action thereafter. If you feel strongly about a decision PLEASE do not argue with the mod on the open forum, but take it to PM or e-mail for discussion.

When a topic or post is removed the poster or topic starter may debate the decision with the Mod Team or Moderator via PM or e-mail. We welcome you to contact any of the Mod Team if you have a question about a decision.

CAG pays for this website and has every right to determine what is and is not permissible. As moderators, we will do our best to moderate according to the above rules and guidelines. We sincerely hope the result will be a carp fishing forum we all can enjoy.

Members have 48 hours after being disciplined to appeal their case via PM or Email before the Mod team. All cases will be discussed and ruled on an individual bases. The ruling made by the Mod Team will be final.




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