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  1. This event is only a few days away. It sold in a few short minutes. Twenty teams with a total of 40 anglers will battle on the St Lawrence River in Waddington NY. Who will be our 2018 Champs?  See the Pegs and follow the event at www.seawaysixpackthrowdown.com



  2. https://www.seawaysixpackthrowdown.com/  Team Sign Ups Jan 15, 2018 Starting at 10:00 AM for 2017 anglers and 10:30 AM for all new anglers Please call Bob at 315 323-4632

    Event date is Sep 20-23, 2018. We are also adding a few more hours of Fishing. 
    Sept 20, 2018 Peg Review starts at 8:00 AM
    Peg Draw at 11:00 AM

    Fishing Starts 2:00 PM
    Sept 23, 2018 Fishing Ends 11:00 AM



    6 Pack Rules.docx

  3. It has been an honor to work and fish with all of you during the last few years. Those that know me well, know that it has been a difficult 24 months as I have battled health issues. I could not have done it without your support, kind thoughts and prayers. I also want to thank Iain and all our BOD members, State Chairs and Volunteers for their hard work. CAG is a big family with its own ups and downs, agreements and disagreements. It will grow and flourish under our new President but it will need our membership to come together in 2018. We will need new volunteers to step up and support our efforts. We have exciting things in the works; the protection of carp, the expansion of kids tournaments, our NACA, our updated store and our bigger internet presence.  Iain Sorrell is the  right man to lead CAG into the future. His passion for our sport is evident in all he does. I look forward to his new ideas and leadership! I do hope to heal up soon and I can't wait to share some badly needed bank time with many of you.
    Good Luck!
    AF Bob

  4. As you may know I have been fighting a long illness. What started as a simple surgery turned into a long battle with sepsis and a knee replacement. I have done what I could but it is now time for me to step down to make way for a new leader. It has been my honor to serve as CAG's President and I want to thank all of you for the support and best wishes while I was sick. It is now time for CAG to select a new President to lead us into the future. Over the next few weeks we will be looking for candidates to fill this role. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (315) 323-4632. The pay for the job is not very good :D but the rewards are great. You can help grow our sport, introduce kids to fishing and work with state officials to protect the fish we love so much! You will also get the chance to work side by side with a great group of guys on the BOD. They all work extremely hard behind the scenes to make this group function. I owe so much to all of them. I want to publicly thank our VP Iain Sorrell for his leadership during my illness. He has done a fantastic job for all of us. In closing, I want to say I have had many opportunities to volunteer in this great organization. I was a State Chair for MA, NY, CO and eventually became the Director of State Chairs. A few years ago I got the privilege to serve as our President. Each position was unique and presented its own challenges but they were all extremely rewarding. I now ask all of you to please consider becoming a volunteer. The future of our organization depends on you!


    Bob Giordano (AF Bob)


  5. We are very excited to announce the CAG Spring Big 4 contest. Please go to the 2017 Big 4 thread to get contest rules and information. The  contest will run May 1, 2017 thru June 15, 2017.

    We are now working with our sponsors to line up some great prizes which will be announced shortly.  I wanted to thank Barry Howard for stepping up to make sure this great contest continues! We know that all of us have a choice when spending our money on carp gear and tackle. So please support  the people that support CAG and our events!  B)


    AF Bob   

  6. Rules
    Registration is open from April 15th until Midnight May 15th
    Spring Big 4 Competition runs from May 1st through June 15th 2017
    Must be a CAG Member to participate
    Cost: $10

    Only Common Carp, Cyprinus Carpio, Count for Big 4 Total, Big Mirror & Big Common

    Anglers can fish any combination of legal waters anywhere in North America
    Anglers must register and manage their own catches and photos in our online leader board - Follow instructions posted under the leaderboard topic in this section. 
    Any number of fish can be added, but only top four count

    Submissions must include 1 photo-
    -a trophy photo of the fish with angler, the scale used and a printed Big Four Logo shown below
    All submissions must be made by June 15th (11.59pm)
    Fish must be caught on rod using legal methods and be released safely
    Live leader board will be displayed on the home page from May 1st through June 15th

    Corresponding stories in the forum are encouraged and will be linked to the leader board
    Catches logged at any other event will count, but all event requirements above must still be fulfilled


    Please make sure you are registered on the New CAG Leader-board.

    You only have to register ONCE, if you've already registered, lets say for the ATC, then all you need to do is Log in and add the Big 4 event to your name.

    Instructions on how to use the leader-board can be downloaded here:

    Leaderboard Instructions.pdf

    Any questions, e-mail Willem @ BIG4@JOINCAG.COM



    The Logo

    You are required to submit 1 photo of each fish you catch along with it's weight. This photo MUST show the angler holding the fish, a printed 2017 Sprin Big 4 logo, and your scale.

    Remember, the star of these photos is you with your fish. Your photo may end up in a magazine! The logo and scale just need to be there somewhere to prove you have them. They can be anywhere in the photo as long as they are identifiable. The best way to manage this is to tape the logo to your scale:


    The Big 4 Logo is only 3.75 x 2.75." This is the size of many state/provincial fishing and hunting licenses. You can Also put your logo in a standard license holder from any tackle shop, and pin it on your clothes, or even your unhooking mat.

    logolicense.jpg license.jpg


    Just try not to put the logo in your mouth, that's not going to look good in a magazine!

  7. Hello All

    Sorry for the late updates but have been sick for the last few months. Steve Conger and I would like to host the CanAm again in Waddington NY. We are limited on the dates that are open. We wanted feedback on the Following Dates:

    June 29, 2017  Meet and Greet  Peg Draw, Camping and BBQ at Bob's House or Dinner at Seaway Dinner and Smoke House on RT 37

    June 30 Fishing Begins

    July 2, Fishing Ends 12:00 PM follow by Awards and Bragging

    Please let me know your thoughts


    Bob Giordano (315) 323-4632 

  8. Come fish the mighty St Lawrence River in Waddington, NY , Aug 31- Sep 3 2017 Watch as teams battle to land monster carp! This is a Big 6 event. "Go Big or Go Home"

    Peg Draw and Awards Dinner will be held at Bob's house. The address is 668 Ruddy Rd, Chase Mills, NY, 13621 You may also camp at my house, fish, boat swim or relax at the fire! If we have bad weather we will use the arena in the park. The large blue building.

    Please see our webpage at  www.seawaysixpackthrowdown.com


  9. We are all excited and happy to have Edwin Stackhouse join the team! Our new NACA Editor has some great ideas and will need support from all of you to help produce future magazines. Its a big job, his efforts will help showcase CAG to the world.  Thanks for Volunteering

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