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  1. Hey Mike. Things really slowed down with the wind. Once it kicked up I did not get a fish for 2 hours. Then 2 quick ones and i packed up.

  2. I have seen the light and see the benefit of having a bite alarm. I have been looking around on the 'net for bite alarms and there is a huge variety out there. I was hoping I could get some feedback from those that have used the good the bad and the ugly.

    I have 2 ideas for getting a bite alarm.

    1) get a rod mounted alarm (no need for a rod pod). Are there good units out there? Do any have good battery life?

    2) non rod mounted bite alarm wish list

    -LED for night fishing

    -long battery life

    -remote so that I can walk to my car and get a signal letting me know to run back to my rod!

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  3. Thanks Mike. Sunday I hooked and landed 9. 2 of which were 23 and 24.  The rest were around 4-18. Another great day. I think I am getting addicted to this type of fishing!

  4. Looking forward to trying out my new Shimano 8000 D reel this weekend. Place had the 8000 as same price as 6000 so I figured..... what the heck, why not?

    Happy Father's day to me!

  5. 3 hours ago, Mike Pike said:

    Making longer casts to cover more water necessitates the use of a longer rod, especially when casting heavy leads or method feeders.  Now, take those situations away and a smaller rod would be more desirable, particularly on smaller waters surrounded by bushes and trees to hinder casting. 

    That's my take, but fishing is all about the enjoyment, so if I have a stick I really like, regardless if it's not specifically built for the task, I use it.         

    Thanks Mike. 

  6. Hey Cannonball.... No secret, Just corn on a hair rig. What made the difference for me was using a floating rig. Last year I was stubborn and just let the bait sit on the ground. Floating made all the difference IMO. Both days I had a few groups around me and I was the only one catching. I was also the only one using a "pop up".  

    Here is a question for all you seasoned carpers..... it may sound like an odd question .... why do you use those long rods? Is it so you can use light line as rainbow fisherman use noodle rods on the rivers? I am just using a standard heavy action 7 foot rod with no issues. Maybe a big girl would be an issue?

  7. Here they are.


    Also went today and broke off on one fish and caught another (no pic for that one-about the size of smaller fish below.





  8. Managed 4 decent carp today. I have no idea how to post the pictures-file size is too big so......   no pics.

    Tight lines all.


  9. Thanks grasshopper. Would the carp have moved up river now that the waters have cooled down from the summer heat? (from your experience)

  10. I have just signed in hoping to learn from some experienced shore fishermen. 

    I went with my 14 year old son to Fanshaw today in the hopes of catching a few carp. We have had success in the past but only managed a large sucker (my son) and 2 small cats. It seems we have had little success there in the past 3 goes-used to do very well there. My son loves the power of the fish (as do I). Time for me to try some other shoreline spots. One thing I hate at Fanshaw is the amount of fishermen so closely packed together. Sortof started to remind me of my river salmon days of my youth. (well.... not that bad I guess!)

    I used a millet/flour strawberry jello mix as pack bait and corn on hair rig. 

    Tight lines all. Looking forward to reading some of these old posts.

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