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  1. Joined the forum just to post! A hopeful Washingtonian carp angler, here. The tale of a massive carp gingerly passing under my buddy's boat up on the Spokane near Tumtum put me on the hunt for information. As we've already noticed, the locals aren't much for anything carp related it's all about trout, bass and salmon. Prowled YouTube, read a few articles and finally landed here eager to soak up the knowledge and bring some carp to hand :) 

    Rod-and-reel fisherman, easing my way into fly fishing and taking a jab at kokanee trolling this season. Only been at this a few years, before that it had been close to 30 years since I went fishing. Wife is okay with this "mid-life crisis" as it gets me out of the house and fresh fish for dinner and/or freezer is a nice bonus.

    I won't get a chance to hit the water again until next weekend, but I we plan on targeting carp and I will be sure to return with updates!


    Side note: is there a general "Introduction Thread" here? I couldn't find one. Thanks!

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