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  1. I have been out of the carp game for a few years (life gets in the way), but recently began to get back into it.

    As I have re introduced my self to the sport, I managed to get my friend Scot (with one T) involved as well. On Scot's first "real" carp fishing trip - he set a few PB's - (now at 18lb 8oz) and he also managed to reel in this 16lb 12oz ghost carp from a NW PA venue we fished for several days around the Columbus Day Holiday.


    Needless to say, One T is now "hooked" on carp fishing....



    One T with ghost.jpg

    ghost up close.jpg

    ghost face.jpg

  2. The Saginaw River holds nice carp. The Kalamazoo River is loaded with carp ( mostly small in my experience - but vast numbers) - but some hogs can be captured below the Allegan Dam....Lastly, Lake Kent in Kensington Metro Park near Detroit also holds some decent carp.

    If you can gain access to Miner Lake, near Allegan - there are some giants in there. I believe there is a small public access point, but not too sure.


    These are the only places that I have fished in Michigan. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck.

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