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  1. Bill when you want to head out fishing? Thinking of twin soon if you want to go. I am headed out to shawnee I think this weekend to give it a go.

    Headed to the dirt track tonight...........


    maybe one of the next two weekends we can put something together - heading south to Carolla NC for a week August on 15th............always got something going on. :toot:

  2. Bill if you click new content and once the page refreshes you will see options on the left side of the page to change the range of the search. I have clicked all forums and past week. Try this and see if that works for you.

    No luck here either Brian - guess I'll just have to rejoin CAG........ :)

  3. On your computer, smartphone, ???

    If computer, try clearing out your browser cache / temporary files.

    for IE, => Tools, Internet Options, Browser History, Delete. Select Temporary Internet files, then the Delete button.

    Close your browser and reopen.

    If you don't have IE, the others may have similar functionality but I don't know the steps...

    good luck!

    Tried that - no luck. But thanks for the genuine advice instead of the ####ty response I got from a CAG director. No wonder membership levels are low.............

  4. Anybody attending the Somerset Fish In on June 14 that may be interested is buying a Coleman Camp Griddle - please PM me.

    60.00 USD cash only - FIRM

    propane gas

    4 detachable legs

    used only a handful of times

    carry case for legs and griddle itself.

    very similar to these brand new models, but with removable griddle top instead of grill grates.



    Only selling it because I do not use it any longer.

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