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  1. john deereing a spot..

    what does this mean? Just curious and may want to use it myself one day, so I want to know that I am using it properly.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: corrected some grammar (still may not be 100% perfect!)

  2. Friend of mine - "paylake Billy" has asked the following: " Do you know a web site in US for carp tackle? Looking to get some "pops". Euro versions. Scented and all that crap."

    sent him links for Wacker, Resistance, BCT and Carp Kit...........

    Any other places he might want to look? Are there any paylake sites that have an online store?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Thanks, lol that is the one guy, He has a range in his back yard in the middle of nowhere. He is always shooting something just so it is not me. lol

    Nice video/captures Bri. Paylake Billy and Once A Year Dave have not yet come close to any of those!

    I think the sound of gunfire will do more to keep the bears away than Jessica's singing ever will!

    Still ain't been out yet this year - probably not making it out until late August (bummer).

    Keep on haulin'............

  4. Here are some biologist reports from the PFBC (PA Fish & Boat Commish) website.........





    license info. (PA conservation officers can be tough - it is not recommended to fish w/o a license)




    Good luck! Let us know how you do.......

  5. Called Bob's Auto sales in Weston (former sponsor) - he said they can't find enough folks willing to run the tournament. If they can eventually find them - he'll let me know, but as of today - it looks like no fishing tournament at this years festival.

  6. 1 Shelter

    2 TP

    3 I figure out what meals I would need for the time I am staying, I also take extra water because if you are in the sun all day you will dehydrate quicker

    4 I take a gallon to wash my hands and also clean up (if it is hot I wash my face off if I start to overheat

    5 bedchair to lay down

    6 Trash bags because you want to leave the spot cleaner than when you got there

    7 I bring extra everything in terms of gear and tackle in case I use more than anticipated or break something. I leave most of it in the car instead of carrying the extra

    8 lots of extra bait, you never know if the fish are on then it is better to have a lot than have a little

    9 gun or form of protection

    10 camera/camcorder and extra batteries (also make sure they are fully charged with memory cards)

    11Change of clothes so if you get wet or are sweating you can change out to get comfortable or if it is cold you can get warmer

    12 extra propane and mantles for a lantern

    Don't forget the bear repellent............(or is does that fall under "form of protection"?)

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